From the time I was in high school, I knew I wanted to go into the television world. I loved my television production class from the moment it started and knew my major before I even began applying to colleges. I also knew that this field would not make me a lot of money.

Glassdoor reports that TV reporters earn approximately $24,000 a year to start, with technicians and camera operators earning slightly more. While there is a climb in salary over the years, it takes years to get there. The average reporter can work up to doubling their starting income and earn approximately $46,000 a year. This is more than most reporters will ever see though.

Going into a field of ups and downs, full of tension and a lot of criticism is a scary thing. Viewers can be rude and outright mean. They will make comments about how you look more often than how you report. Then of course there will be comments about your biases and the station you work for. However, I love to share people's stories and inform the public. It's what I am passionate about and I'm chasing after it as fast as I can. There's something about putting together video and a story that is just beautiful.

Some people can't seem to understand why myself and many others are choosing to follow a path that will cause us stress in terms of finance. Well... the reward of working a job you love means not feeling like you're working at all. Of course there will be days where doing what you love is a drag. But for the most part, doing what you love means work comes naturally instead of forcefully.

While I do believe extremely in following your dreams and chasing your passions, I do still believe in being realistic. Don't starve or neglect medical care for a job that doesn't pay you enough to stay healthy. (Would you even want to work for a company that made you choose between your health and your job?)

I'm not going into my field for money though. Many others in fields such as education, nursing and public service understand that passion is more important than wealth. There is something in our brains that wire us to follow our passion, no matter what struggles we may face in chasing it.