For my Brexit interview, I had the opportunity to speak to a barista at the Picturehouse Central Café. Located in London's West End, the cafe is retro-themed, with acres of vintage-inspired sofas and chairs. Aside from being a cafe, Picturehouse is most recognized and esteemed for their film screenings which are open to the public on the second and fourth floor.

Upon finding a seat, I observed my surroundings, noticing that most of the customers came in work groups. I found that the crowd was a mix of young freelance writers, journalists, film critics, and aspiring film producers. Anyhow, I decided to go out of my comfort zone after ordering a croissant by asking the barista if he could respond to a few of my questions on the current controversial topic, Brexit. He laughed at first saying in a jokingly manner, "Don't we all mock it?"

At first, it was kind of awkward. I reminded him if he did not feel comfortable answering my questions that I totally understood, however, he kindly agreed to help me out. My first question for him: was he for or against Brexit, in which he relayed to me he was completely against leaving the union. He told me he was eventually hoping to work for a film industry company under the name "Titanic" and that if Brexit occurred, the company threatened to relocate out of Britain, which would affect his future plans.

When I asked him how Brexit would affect Picturehouse in general, he told me business could potentially be threatened if film production companies also decided to relocate. It made sense to me because with a predicted crash in the economy, what film companies would want to stick around?

To add on, trading would be entirely affected by what was once the European Union. All in all, my time at Picturehouse was very constructive as the atmosphere was very work oriented. I truly recommend this cafe to students looking for a place to study in London Town, and don't hesitate to chat someone up about the current Brexit situation.