Thankful for my best friends
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Open Letter to My Best Friend(s)

Yes you read that that right, Best Friends plural!

Open Letter to My Best Friend(s)
Julianna Kadian

Dear Best Friends,

Once someone told me that you can't have more than one best friend, but they were SO wrong. College has blessed me to see many things about friendships. Friendships: some are not meant to last forever, some are for a lifetime, some you'll have a falling out and come back to be friends again. (However, always depends on the falling out). I just want to take the time to thank every friend even if we don't have pictures up on Instagram together or we don't really have pictures together this is for each one of you.

To be honest I don't even know where to exactly start because you have been a blessing so much to my life and you have each have taught me something that I needed to learn. You have been there for me when I have needed it the most.

Thank you for being there even when your life was crazy. I know sometimes when I needed you it was not the best timing, but you never failed, you were there for me. Your time has been so greatly appreciated even when you don't think it has been it has.

Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on. I know watching someone is never easy or even comfortable but sometimes you just need that good cry, you have always been that one to let me just cry when I need it the most. You told me that it was okay and just let me get it out. That is something that is truly special especially when you don't want to ever see your best friend cry.

Thank you for making me laugh. Everyone needs to laugh in life, and you have been there for me when I needed to laugh the most. Your jokes aren't always the best and sometimes so corny but I can't help but laugh. Also, thank you for laughing at my jokes and telling me I suck at jokes but then making me laugh with you laughing at my lame jokes. I will always be thankful for laughing so hard I can't breathe and that I almost pee my pants. Those laughs are some of the best fixes to life and you are the reason why.

Thank you for all the memories we have made together. We have good and bad memories but I am so thankful for you to be the one to have by my side in them. That when I hear that song, or talk about that place, or see that drink, or wearing that outfit again, or watch that show, or watch that movie makes me think of you and how good those times are. Even when the memories were bad times that we can look back and laugh and remember that we are stronger than those times makes me so happy that you were the one that was there because if it was anyone else I don't know if I could have done it.

Thank you for helping me cope with my stress. If there was someone I could always count on to help me settle down and stop stressing it'd be you. You always know the words to say, you always know what to do and I am so thankful for that because honestly if it was not for you I probably would have had a heart attack by now.

Thank you for always roasting me. Honestly, I think this is self-explanatory but if it isn't roasting me about everything I do has made me such a tougher person on the inside. I know I can be really sensitive but if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to handle some situations in life. The job of a best friend is to roast you, to be mean but still love you to show you that it does not matter what you think about your insecurities or even some of your flaws someone will always love you and if someone is bullying you for your flaws who cares. Because you got friends that have already accustomed you to someone saying that to you that it doesn't phase you if someone else says it.

Thank you for showing me my true worth. Always after roasting me you always make sure that I know that I am worth so much in this world. That no matter what you always have someone in your corner. That my worth is NOT defined by others that you define your own worth. Thank you for always making sure I never forget my worth even if I fall down sometimes.

Thank you for coming in or back to my life when I least expected it. Life happens, but it has been good to me when it has gifted me with you. For the friends that came back, thank you for being who you are, I am sorry that we had a few years where we had a falling out and then we realized it was so silly and not worth it. That at the end of the day our friendship meant so much more. For the friends that came into my life and hasn't left whether we have known each other for a long time or a short time I have never been more thankful for you and that I have been always been able to count on you. Thank you for being born into this world and choosing me to be your best friend.

P.S. thank you for always putting up with my quirks and weird obsessions. Thank you for always singing at the top our lungs to music no matter how bad we sound. Thank you for always laughing and being so loud with me that people get mad about it. LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

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