As I look at my variety of books I have aligned in a row, with the colorful bindings staring at me, I wish that everyone could experience the same good readings that I did. With the colder season approaching, you most likely will have plans with an oversized hoodie and a couch. You might as well add a compelling story to your lazy plans as well, and I want to share with you my personal favorites.

1. "The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck"

This book by Mark Manson was very eye-opening to me, and actually eased a lot of my anxiety after reading it. Throughout this book, he explains what you should actually be caring about in your life, and the things that truly matter. You will feel quite empowered after finishing this book, and I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is looking to not give a f*ck.

2. Nice Is Just A Place In France

Ah yes, a wonderfully written book by The Betches. They continue to amaze me every day on their Instagram account from guy to work-related advice. This book is a how-to on how to win at basically everything. Here is a tiny excerpt from the book to get a better idea of what you're diving into:

"The pregame is the thing of our generation. It's because we don't often drink for pure enjoyment. Instead, we drink to guarantee that we'll be drunk enough for whatever activity follows the pregame. If we didn't, we would need to rely on men to buy all our drinks, and I mean, we already need them to get a house and a baby, why do we need them to get us drunk, too? That's why all independent women pregame."

I also plan on reading their most recent book, "When's Happy Hour?" which is a useful guide on how to act in the workplace.

3. "Five Ways To Fall"

Now this one by K.A. Tucker is a little different than what I'm used to reading because I'm all about humor than a love story, but this one was good. It's your typical woman catching her husband cheating with another girl, and she eventually finds love in the end. Even though this sounds very cliché, it was a compelling read, and I also liked the book cover because the chick has purple hair.

4. "The Girl With A Lower Back Tattoo"

Amy Schumer takes her stand-up comedy and puts in on paper from her childhood stories, to early adulthood she tells it all without any censorship. If you are looking for a positive, and HILARIOUS read I highly suggest reading this with a glass (or bottle) of wine

5. "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang"

This book is very similar to Amy Schumer's since they are both amazing stand-up comedians. Chelsea Handler talks about everything you could possibly think of from her personal observations to what she went through personally, but she explains it all in a way to where there is a consistent smile on your face.

6. "My Fight, Your Fight"

This book is another autobiography type novel, but instead of humor, Ronda Rousey takes you into her life all the way back to her birth to her present self, speaking about how she got involved with MMA, and the obstacles she took. This is another book that gave me a boost of motivation when I needed it.

7. "She Felt Like Feeling Nothing"

There is a big difference compared with this one and the previous books I mentioned. This book is by r.h. Sin, which is one of my favorite poets. This man creates the shortest poems with the biggest meanings behind them. If you are currently going through some sh*t in your love life and need some empowerment, READ THIS.

8. "Whiskey Words And A Shovel"

This is just like the previous poetry book by r.h. Sin I mentioned, and he actually wrote this before "She Felt Like Feeling Nothing," but still a good read. Actually, just go ahead and Amazon express ship all of his poetry books, and thank me later.