Throwback songs make your smile and remember the last time you sang your heart out to it or jammed to it on a late night drive. Throwback songs make you feel warm inside and young again. Songs like Eye of the Tiger or Party in the USA just make everyone run to the dance floor. Throwback songs make everyone turnt because it reminds them of those awful middle school dances or being forced to run the mile in gym class with the radio blaring. Below is a list of songs that everyone needs in their throwback playlist. Better yet, a list of songs that are already on your throwback playlist and you need to listen to them right now!!

1. Party In The USA-Miley Cyrus

Honestly, this song is such a jam. Who doesn't like a good patriotic vibe and some Miley Cyrus?

2. Don't Stop Believing-Journey

This song is always played during road trips or reminds you of your high school prom memories. Very inspirational, 10/10 song.

3. Livin' On A Prayer-Bon Jovi

Such a banger and could possibly remind you of the guitar hero video game days ;)

4. Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond

This song will NEVER get old.

5. Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd

The inner country in you will always love this song no matter what.

6. Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice

No explanation needed...

7. Cotton Eyed Joe-Rednex

Trying to listen to this song without dancing is just too hard.

8. 500 Miles-The Proclaimers

This song could possibly remind you of going to a Bat Mitzvah or maybe just having a dance off with all your gal pals.

9. American Pie-Don McLean

The US of A is where it's at!!!

10. Eye of the Tiger-Survivor

To channel in your inner tiger, get ready to scream your heart out. "It's the eye of the tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

11. Piano Man-Billy Joel

Ugh, such a jam.

12. Hey Jude-The Beatles

Perfect for any occasion.

13. We Will Rock You-Queen

Trying your best rock star impression while jamming out to this in the car.

14. Mr. Brightside- The Killers

Try listening to this song without blowing your car speakers, I dare you.

15. Red Solo Cup- Tobby Keith

"...I fill you up, let's have a party."

16. I Love Rock and Roll-Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Will make any white girl crazy.

17. Shot Through the Heart-Bon Jovi

When you're just having a bad day... put this on.

18. Teenage Dirtbag-Wheatus

We were all teenage dirtbags at some point.

19. You Make My Dreams-Daryl Hall & John Oates

Your dreams will feel in reach after listening to this.

20. Footloose-Kenny Loggins


21. All Star-Smash Mouth

Shriek Vibes are good vibes.

22. Africa-Toto

Must listen to on a road trip...

23. Fake ID-Big & Rich

Another banger for a late night drive.

24. Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles

Listen to this while getting ready. Will always put you in a positive mood.

25. Wonderwall-Oasis

Heart throb song right here.

26. No Diggity-Blackstreet

Dare: Listen to this song until you know the rap!

27. Rich Girl-Daryl Hall & John Oates

"Your a rich girl."

28. Put Your Records On-Corinne Bailey Rae

UGH... What a song this is.

29. Stacy's Mom-Fountains Of Wayne

We all wanna be like Stacy's mom.

30. 1234-Fiest

Just listen.

31. No Scrubs-TLC

Yet another 10/10.

32. Beautiful Soul-Jesse McCartney

We all were in love with Jesse McCartney at some point.

Hope you are now listening to one of these songs. Maybe you forgot about some of them, but you better start listening to these songs again. Your're welcome, now go jam your heart out!!!!