5 Activewear & Loungewear Sets You Need In Your Life

I personally don't work out as much as I need to, but I do rock cute workout gear and loungewear all day every day for the comfort and the productive aesthetic it gives me without much effort. There are many different labels that offer these types of sets, but being a well-versed fashionista in this category of clothing, I can attest that these five brands pass the test with the utmost quality, shaping and everyday wear performance. If you are in the market for matching active and lounge sets or simply want a cute and comfortable look, consider these products.

​1. JoyLab by Target.

If you are looking for affordable workout gear or casual sets, look no further than your nearest Target. JoyLab by Target offers leggings, sports bras, joggers, sweatshirts, and more athletic and leisure style clothing that comes in a variety of colors and styles, allowing for customizable mixing and matching. The most comfortable JoyLab outfit (that I personally need in every color) includes the Women's Mid-Rise Jogger Pants which retails for $32.99 and the matching Women's High Neck Long Line Bra which retails for $19.99. Although $52.98 seems steep for an outfit, I purchased my set for a significantly lower price from the clearance rack, so keeping an eye out for JoyLab sale items is a great option if you are considering this brand.

​2. Gymshark Flex Collection.

Gymshark is a very popular workout clothing brand whose products' color combinations go unmatched. In my opinion, the most flattering Gymshark collection is the Flex Collection because every product includes darker shades of shadows that work to contour and flatter the physique when on. My go-to Gymshark outfit consists of the Flex Sports Long Sleeve Crop Top in Khaki Marl/Taupe, which retails for $30, paired with the Flex Cycling Shorts in Khaki Marl/Taupe, which retails for $40. You can choose to pair any shirt, bra, or tank top with color matching Flex High Waisted Leggings instead which retails for $50. Gymshark's apparel is of great quality and although it seems very form-fitting, it provides enough room to breathe and go about your day comfortably.

​3. Missguided Loungewear. 

Missguided is the most affordable brand if you are looking for loungewear due to their constant sales and 50% off student discount. All of my sweatpants and matching cropped sweatshirts are from Missguided due to their inclusion of different body types that provide correct measurements without making you worry about alterations, length, or fit. Missguided offers plus size, petite and tall clothing fits which are more true to size than any other brand I've shopped with. My favorite loungewear outfit is the washed crop sweatshirt joggers co-ord set which comes in a variety of colors, retailing for $33. If it is not cold enough to wear a sweatshirt, I recommend color matching and purchasing the roll sleeve crop top which retails for $10 before discounts.

​4. Lounge.

I discovered the Lounge brand on youtube after seeing how great the matching bra and leggings set looked on a regular-sized girl. Lounge is more commonly known as an underwear label but their matching loungewear and active sets are very unique and affordable for the quality and aesthetic they provide. My favorite outfit from Lounge is the Reborn Pink High Waisted Leggings Set that includes a sports bra top and matching leggings for $65. The Lounge logo is written across both the waist of the leggings and the bottom end of the bra which creates a uniform look that you don't see very often. If you are looking to purchase an active set that almost looks too cute to work out in, consider Lounge's products.

​5. H&M.

If you have a unique sense of loungewear style and can't seem to find the right set for you, consider stopping in at your local mall or browsing through H&M's website for a large collection of casual and comfortable clothes. My all-time favorite products from H&M are their joggers due to the thick material used, soft interior and affordability. Many of H&M joggers have suggested matching sweatshirts or shirts that can and will make your outfit goal dreams come true. I prefer to wear nude or light colors so the light beige/cream Joggers with Side Stripes, which retails for $24.99, are my go-to comfy pants. I match my beige joggers with the light beige oversized hoodie which comes in different variations and retails for $34.99. Although you have to do a lot of browsing to find the perfect colors, styles and matching products, the aesthetic results are worth the patience.

Finding a perfect active or lounge set can be frustrating if you have a unique sense of style, have a specific body fit requirement or simply can't find quality products. Consider these five brands to reinvent your active and loungewear collection so that you can look cute and comfortable whenever you want.

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