Whether it be finals or cleaning rooms, there will always be mundane tasks to get done before we can go on to enjoy ourselves. The good news is, you can make these tasks suck less with some good music.

I love some good old Twenty One Pilots and EDM as much as the next person, but they often get over saturated and overplayed on radio stations. Fear not, my readers, I am here to give you some new bands to listen to for all of your jam session needs.

1. Bishop Briggs

Briggs has been exploding all over the world. From her hit "River," to her tour with Coldplay, to playing Coachella, Bishop Briggs is the hottest thing on the alternative music up and coming scene. She has just released an EP, and she has basically been on repeat for me ever since I discovered her last year. If you're into some powerful indie vocals, Bishop Briggs is for you. I love her first song, "Wild Horses," but everything since is equally awesome.

2. Cold War Kids

An indie-rock boy band from Long Beach, California to lift your mood while you bang out a 5-page paper in an hour? Perfect! Cold War Kids have been around for a while, so you have 6 albums to choose from. I love "First" by them, myself. And their newest album features collaborations with Bishop Briggs. If you like them enough, they are also on tour this summer. Sweet!

3. Vital Stats

Vital Stats is a small, local band from Philadelphia that has recently been gaining traction by winning a contest from a local radio station to perform at a huge alternative music concert. And for good reason! Taking inspiration from old-time tunes from the 50s-70s and giving it a modern twist, Vital Stats is one cool band with a totally unique vibe. They are the self-proclaimed genre of "Philadelphia Trashsoul," and totally rad. Check them out on Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. My personal recommendation is the song "Train."

4. The Revivalists

The only downside to listening to The Revivalists while cleaning, studying, etc. is that it will make you want to get up and dance. That's what happens to me when I hear "Wish I Knew You" by the Revivalists. And their other songs are pretty jammin' too. Worth the listen if you need to dance your problems away. If you like the X Ambassadors, check out these guys too.

5. Nothing But Thieves

This English alternative rock band have a sound that took me a little while to get used to, similar to how it was with Twenty One Pilots. But once I did get used to it, I fell in love with Nothing But Thieves. "Trip Switch" and "Neon Brother" are good places to start out. If you like Arctic Monkeys, then check out Nothing But Theives and vice versa.

6. Jukebox the Ghost

I actually found out about Jukebox the Ghost when they opened for X Ambassadors at a concert. I instantly fell in love with the indie, Billy Joel type sound of their songs. "Sound of a Broken Heart" and "Girl" are good places to start out with Jukebox the Ghost.

Hoped some of these suggestions helped people get out of a music rut! Good luck with your chores, homework, studying, whatever and happy listening.