10 Of My Favorite Songs To Get Me Going In The Morning

10 Of My Favorite Songs To Get Me Going In The Morning

I'm far from a morning person, but with the right music, I can turn my frowns upside down.

Shalayna Burns

1. "Way Back"- Travis Scott

The chill song always brings a calming mood during my morning showers.

2. "Talk 2 U"- Brent Fiyaz"

The Usher vibes this song gives me are perfect for when I want to start my morning off calm.

3. "HiiiJack"- SZA

SZA's voice is always a good addition to anyone's morning.

4. "FIND YOUR WINGS"- Tyler, The Creator

Tyler did an amazing job with this Stevie Wonder-inspired instrumental. Perfect morning inspiration.

5. "Girl"- The Internet & KATYRANDA

"And anything you want is yours." Syd's sultry voice is a perfect way to de-stress, and the beat makes it perfect for bopping your head while getting ready to start the day.

6. "Wait"- Sabrina Claudio

Beautiful voice + amazing instrumentation = the perfect morning bop

7. diva - BLVC SVND

This remix to an iconic Beyonce bop is the perfect confidence boost.

8. "On My Mind"- Jorga Smith X Preditah

Imagine getting dressed with this song playing in the background - perfect.

9. "So Fresh, So Clean"- OutKast

Is your morning playlist really a morning playlist without this song?

10. "Navigator Truck" - Alex Wiley, Calez & Chance The Rapper

What a perfect song for when you're on your way to start your day.

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