I Asked People About Music and Romance And I Got A Playlist
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I Asked People About How Music And Love Lives Correlate And I Got More Than A Playlist

Music and romance are always linked in some way. I got very sentimental and interesting replies when I polled a few people.

I Asked People About How Music And Love Lives Correlate And I Got More Than A Playlist

A few weeks ago, I sent a poll to our large Odyssey community (as well as a few friends) about how music and love lives correlated together. Whether it was during a positive time or after a breakup, music sticks with people. The replies I got (a few want to remain anonymous) were very interesting. Let's take a look.

What song describes your love life? Why?

Hopeless Romantic by Wiz Khalifa describes my love life because even though I've been hurt so many times I still have hope I'll find the right person, and I try not to dwell on past relationships because I know I'm worth something to someone and I'll find that someone. Relationships are so technologically based these days and that's where I met my ex, and I find it captures modern dating to a t. - Briana G, 20.

"Best Part" by Daniel Caesar. I'm crazy in love with my boyfriend. To me, he's the best part of every day. - Nicole, 21.

"Fall Apart" by Post Malone because I'm so open and vulnerable when I allow myself to be and I feel like guys in the past have taken advantage of that. - Lexi, 18.

"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles because I don't need a relationship right now and the insinuation from some people that I do annoys me. - Katherine, 19.

"Stuck in My Ways" by Phora (feat. 6lack) and the title says it all. I'm stuck looking for what I had and not what I need. 6lack's verse is really what I connect with because I tend to spend to much time trying with girls after there is no need to continue. - Anonymous #1.

"Might As Well Dance" by Jason Mraz. This is my boyfriend's and my song mainly because it's a summary of our silliness that our relationship is filled with! It reminds me of how much I actually love my boyfriend, and how much I miss him when we are apart. - Callaghan, 22.

Lauv's "I like me better," my current boyfriend has made me a better person as he supports and motivates me. - Jennifer, 19.

"You Make It Easy" by Jason Aldean. Wedding song brings me happiness to hear it. - Anonymous #2.

What song do you remember listening to after breaking up/being dumped/etc.?

"Who You've Been Lovin' Lately " by Big and Rich. - Briana G, 20.

I listened to "Skeletons" by This Century a lot. Some of the lyrics are: "Can't get inside your head / threw away the key instead." I felt like my ex never really let me in. I was always prying and trying to figure him out. But I got so tired of it. I didn't want to have to fight for his love and attention all the time. It kind of put into words the amount of effort I was giving, and the lack of effort I was receiving from him. - Nicole, 21.

"California King Bed" by Rihanna. - Lexi, 18.

"I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys because it might not make sense but belting a love song makes everything better. - Katherine, 19.

"Marvin's Room" and "Jaded" by Drake. - Anonymous #1.

I listened to Gnash on repeat a lot, and "All I Want" by Kodaline. - Callaghan, 22.

Nothing specific, basically anything that wasn't Luke Bryan's "Strip it Down". - Anonymous #3

Terror Jr.'s "I Come First". - Jennifer, 19.

"Stay" by Sugarland. - Anonymous #2.

What song helped you forget your ex or get over the breakup? Why?

"It Don't Hurt Like It Used To" by Dierks Bentley is a song that really helped me with moving on because it acknowledges that yes the pain of the breakup still hurts a lot but I'm finally beginning to move on and find myself again as my own woman and meet someone new who will value me more than my ex did. Country music, in general, has a very therapeutic feel to it and I always turn to it when I'm in a mood (happy or sad or anything in-between). - Briana G, 20.

"Biography of Heartbreak" by This Century really helped me. The song sounds really smooth and sweet, but I channeled a lot of anger through it. Some of the lyrics are: "I'm reading through your lies and I'm tearing them out" and "you gotta let it go someday." I feel like I kind of used the song as a pep talk to remind me that I made the right decision in ending things. - Nicole, 21.

"Ex Calling" by 6LACK because many of my exes have reached out, but now I'm too busy loving myself to deal with them. - Lexi, 18.

"New Man" Ed Sheehan where it's about an ex and their new partner and it mind of captured my emotions during that time and it's a bit humorous. - Katherine, 19.

There is really no forgetting her. Songs distract from the subject but every once and a while there are always lingering thoughts. ASAP Rocky- At. Long. Live. ASAP (album) Jay Z- Blueprint 2 Jay Z- The Black Album Kanye- MBDTF (album) These albums all helped distract. - Anonymous #1.

"U Only Call Me When It's Raining Out" by Gnash got me hyped and finally made me start to feel better (even my mom was getting into it in the car.) And when I was sad the usual Taylor Swift made me bawl with my cats in my arm. - Callaghan, 22.

Little Mix's "Shout Out To My Ex". - Jennifer, 19.

Much appreciation to those who helped me with this. I hope these songs and albums inspire some and perhaps help those with a breakup or 'comfort' you if you have a crush and such.

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