As many of you know, I run a music blog known as Generation Clash, and my reason for starting this blog was because there are so many great artists that didn't have commercial popularity but they were truly great artists and there's no changing that.

I've created my blog to showcase these artists. They are unique and special and I've found so many great artists and it astounds me how many of these artists were overlooked despite how great they are. The fact that these artists exist, and that they can be found is really important. If it exists, it can be discovered. If it can be discovered, it can be shared, and it can have a whole new life. It becomes relevant and it impacts someone all over again.

I love showcasing these artists because it's music that I don't see my friends listening to. It's music that I don't hear people discussing in this day and age. I figure since I have a voice and I found all these amazing bands and I truly love all of it, it would be an awesome thing to write about these bands and showcase so much music that isn't widely discussed.

The best music is found by digging deep. The reason why this is true is that sometimes there are best-kept secrets. If these artists had commercial popularity, it's more likely than not that they would've changed because of what a record label wanted them to do.

Sadly, this happens a lot more than most people know. It's great to be an artist signed to a label, but the record label can push great artists to change their edge to fit in with the mainstream and they start to sound like everybody else.

You would think that someone who signs a certain artist would want them to do what they want since they signed the act because they are different than everyone else. This isn't the case. Maybe, in the beginning, it is, but more often than not, these great artists have to change to conform to what the label considers to be popular.

It sounds crazy, but it's true. So many great bands have to struggle to be signed because they are a little too original, and they get pushed aside while the band that sounds like everybody else is easily able to get signed.

It's very conflicting. Despite all this, if you find a band that is a true gem, embrace that. There's so few that truly have that charm, and always remember that great music is great music. That is a given.

The very reason that anything is great is that someone had an idea, and they went with that idea. Despite the judgment that could be passed

So, if you're interested in hearing about truly great bands, specifically the ones that didn't conform to what was going on in the mainstream, check out my blog, Generation Clash and feel free to share it around. You might just find your new favorite band!