Music In Our Daily Lives

Music is so deeply immersed into our culture. It's in society, and in how we perceive so many things. Music is everywhere. We see it and use it for practically everything. I wonder, however, what would the world be like without it. If there was NO music, what kind of world would this be? Of course, we haven’t always had it so it must be possible to live without it. I think...

I have many questions about music and what it does or doesn't affect, but what I do know is that when I listen to music I can feel anywhere from a lot of joy to a deep sadness. The diversity of how music can be used to influence our behavior, inspire, encourage, anger, sadden, scare, and encourage is amazing. Music can help us remember good and bad things. Music can speak in a way of communication that can be heard in the tone and the movement of the musicians playing. We can see, feel, listen, touch, breath music. Some can even see colors while listening to music! Maybe this is why we are so easily and continuously drawn to it. I think we take music for granted though. I mean honestly, when was the last time you went completely without music? Do you remember?

It’s so incredibly diverse, because there is music for everyone. I have yet to meet someone who has said that they hate all music. To list a few there are: Rock, Jazz, Enka, Classical, Lullabies, Latin, Pop, Rap, Inspirational, Indie, Holiday, Opera, and of course Karaoke! SO many types!! But hey, let’s not get carried away. There are so many ways that music is implemented into our culture as humans. It completely surrounds us. In everything we do, when we work and study, relax and even sleep, we surround ourselves with music and don’t even realize it.

Society takes music for granted. We take music for granted. I would challenge anyone who reads this to try and avoid music completely for 24 hours and see how you feel. I did this and without realizing it, I felt different. However, this difference I felt coming the next day, when I heard the music again it was slightly new to me. It was appreciated in a way that it hadn't been. So I would say, appreciate the music you listen to. Think about what that music makes you think about and how it makes you feel. Let's take the time to appreciate one of life's greatest blessings just a little bit more. Music isn't limited to listening, it can be felt and seen and heard.

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