Some people look at music as a social activity. Going to concerts, listening to music in the background while you focus on a card game or a dinner event is very common. However, for me, music is much more than that.

By no means am I saying that I am the next Rihanna or Bey, but I feel a connection to music that most people don't have? I have friends who share my love for music. These are the people that can just sit in a quiet room and listen to music for what it is rather than trying to turn it into something it's not.

When I look at different artists around the world, I find that there is only a few select artist who can make music food for the soul. When I say this I mean that their lyrics, melody, tone, instruments, etc. all come together in harmony to create something as simple as an emotion, a thought, or an epiphany.

There are some people that think some music is just a bunch of sounds coming together to create fame for an individual or a group of individuals. However, music can do so much more. Music can change the way people think, act and feel. Music can tell a story. Most of all, music can encourage others to take strides to becoming a better person and creating a better world.