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Music Is Therapeutic And Has The Power To Change Our Feelings, Thoughts, And Perceptions

It never fails to bring me out of a negative mindset, or, always give me the energy to stand up and start dancing.

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I am a music lover down to my core, and one of the most inspirational sayings I have heard from another fellow music lover is, "music is the soundtrack of my life." As soon as I heard her say this, I thought, hell yeah! I was in total agreement with her because there are so many moments in my life that honestly deserve their own playlist.

Her remark was so genuine, and shortly after had me thinking: The key your entire existence is composed in... What are a few of the songs that you feel fit into that melody? I'm a firm believer in giving everything a chance, and in upholding this belief I basically listen to everything at this point. (Admittedly, I draw the line at country.)

Throughout the years, music has become my meditation and a source of happiness. It never fails to bring me out of a negative mindset, or, always give me the energy to stand up and start dancing. There is never something that a great playlist cannot fix, and as I get older I plan to keep this mentality and vitality forever. What better form of therapy is there than zoning out and popping in a CD or streaming your favorite tunes?

Knowing the music that will help you clear your mind and help you vibrate on a higher note is so underrated. In an explicit and far more spiritual sense, music has the power to change our feelings, mindsets, and perceptions. Multiple spiritual figures have expressed the importance of music in people's lives, and the most inspirational of quote I found was:

"What makes us feel drawn to music is that our whole being is music; our mind and body, the nature in which we live, the nature which has made us, all that is beneath and around us, it is all music."

Personally, this resonated with me because I have found that music is capable of helping me accomplish almost anything. Helping me escape a bad mood, serving as a source of motivation, giving me the focus to multitask and accomplish multiple deadlines, etc. I've heard it said that second to love, music is supposed to be the most significant impetus on the planet. It is the art form that not only stimulates our minds, but our beings.

So, what exactly can be found on the soundtrack of my life? Well, everything! My entire music library includes artists like Calle 13 to Queen, Danay Suarez to The Internet, the Gorillaz to Frank Ocean, John Legend to Amine, Lion Babe to Kanye West, SBTRKT to Disclosure, Lykke Li to The Weeknd, the soundtracks of Aida to Hamilton, and some Migos to Flatbush Zombies. I listen to everything because every moment needs to be partnered with the right sound, because that's the best way to produce a movie.

This other fellow music lover, an acting coach that spoke so passionately in a way that kept me advertently engaged, said one last sound piece of advice, "In my acting class, I ask people as a homework assignment to write songs down that are the soundtrack of their life. Yeah, you need to know what your soundtrack is because sometimes you have to play that."


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