The Best Music Albums To Study To
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The Best Music Albums To Study To

Midterms are tough to beat, but these artists can help.

The Best Music Albums To Study To

Its time to crack down and get to work. Midterms are nearly upon us and its time to focus. The best way to find your focus is through the best study albums.

1. The Imitation Game soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat

This album is the perfect soundtrack to study to. No words means a super focus, but the soundtrack is so epic you won't get bored and fall asleep.

2. Abbey Road by the Beatles

What better album to listen to than one that made history? While you are working to make history with the best test grade ever, listen to the Beatles Abbey Road to get pumped up.

3. The Up soundtrack by Michael Giacchino

This soundtrack will give you all the feels. The music is soft and familiar and there is no way that you will get distracted while listening.

4. 500 Days of Summer soundtrack

This soundtrack has a variety of songs so there is no getting bored and giving up. You can stay motivated and make it through the piles of reading professors have assigned.

5. The Holiday soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

The Holiday may be one of the greatest movies ever created. Little known fact is that the soundtrack is too. Hans Zimmer creates a beautiful mix of songs that will block out background noise and help you ace the big test.

6. Any album by Glenn Miller

Sometimes you need a break from the popular music of today. This is when you should throw it back to the incredible jazz period of our music history. Glenn Miller is one of the greats, and one we can turn to for help in the library.

7. This Unruly Mess I've made from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Some may find this album distracting, but this is my favorite to read to. There is no better way to block people out and really focus than to have Macklemore rapping in the background. The intensity of the music helps you feel the urgency of getting stuff done.

8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack

This soundtrack was made for an adventure. Even if you are stuck in your room studying for that heinous math exam, you can feel as if you are free, long boarding through Iceland, or climbing mountains.

9. Super Trouper from Abba

By roommates request, Abba had to be included on this list. The upbeat happy tunes will help remind you that you won't always be studying and will keep you from an abyss of despair.

10. The Theory of Everything soundtrack from Johann Johannsson

This is my all time favorite album to study to. Johann Johannsson is a genius in the way that he created this music. But don't just take my word for it, go try it out for yourself!

Midterms can be one of the most stressful time of the semester. Thankfully, the music world has blessed us with many different ways to sit down and focus so that we can ace those tests and ease all the stress.

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