10 perks of being multilingual
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10 Perks Of Being Multilingual

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10 Perks Of Being Multilingual

Being a master of multiple languages can seem like a really daunting task. Every language comes with its own grammatical complications and the different types of pronunciations can take a huge toll. Don't even get me started on trying to learn languages from a different language root than your mother tongue! But if you do have the opportunity to learn another language or grew up knowing multiple, then consider yourself lucky and get ready to soak in some multilingual glory!

Here are 10 perks of being the master of many tongues

1. It's like a window into another culture 

Knowing a language is a great way to get insight into a culture that is different from your own.

2. Family bonding

If you are someone that grew up in a household where English is not your family's first language, then learning that language can bring you closer to your family and your own culture.

3. Looks good on the resume...DUH 

It looks good on the resume, but really the more ways one can enhance their communication skills the better it is for them in any professional field

4. Eat, Love and Travel

Knowing a language and then traveling to any place that speaks the language will make the trip so much easier. You wouldn't have to really on sign language or a translator!

5. You know one, you know them all

Knowing a language sometimes makes it easier to learn the other languages in the same language family. For example, if you know any Hindi, then learning Spanish becomes a little easier.

6. "I know what you're saying"

A hilarious perk is when people are talking all sorts of nasties behind your back and you can understand them and then turn around and talk to them. Scares them out and gives you a sense of sadistic pleasure.

7. Subs, not dubs 

Knowing more languages means being able to enjoy movies, shows, and music from other languages. Now no shade on subtitles, but understanding something is so much better than reading an interpretation of it.

8. Subs suck

Actually, complete shade on subs, they are usually hilariously misrepresented and completely bonkers. Knowing another language means no reliance on misleading subs.

9. It's good for you 

On a serious not, being multilingual can help improve brain functions and keep you sharp as you approach old age.

10. Adaption 

Lastly, multilingualism really opens up the world for you and enables you to adapt and adjust to any other country or continent that you choose to live in.

Growing up multilingual has been very interesting and rewarding. Learning languages other than English can be hard sometimes, but when you have passed the difficult linguistic hurdles, mastered the grammar, and don't feel conscious about your pronunciation, the different languages feel like a part of yourself. To learn another language is just another step towards refining yourself and open up the world to you, but also, in a way, make it more accessible and comprehensible.

If you already know multiple languages then this list can help you in rejoice in the glory of it all, but if you have only mastered one language in your time on this earth, go out and learn another one. It doesn't take much, just some blood, sweat and tears, but its all worth it in the end!

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