The Mueller Report: So, What Just Went Down?
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The Mueller Report: So, What Just Went Down?

How the United States moves forward.

The Mueller Report: So, What Just Went Down?

It has been two years since the infamous Mueller investigation was launched to uncover Russian collusion in the 2016 election. Since then, a cloud of uncertainty and scrutiny followed every decision in the White House. Last week, much awaited, the United States got their answer...kind of.

The investigation was broken up into two parts. The first to find evidence of Russian collusion, and the other was to find evidence of obstruction of justice by the President specifically. First half, evidence showed there was no collusion *phew* however, on the grounds of obstruction of justice, there was no decision. More specifically, "ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment." Which has left many people, including myself, very confused. The report summation given by Attorney General William J. Barr stated that some, "relevant actions," of President Trump's decisions that Mueller and his team were investigating were seen as "'difficult issues between law and fact." Which first of all, why did they release the investigation if they did not have all the answers? Also, if they could not draw a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt, shouldn't the decision be an exoneration of the obstruction charge? To answer, it doesn't make much sense. The whole production is the most dramatic will they/won't they I've seen since watching Luke and Lorelai in Gilmore Girls.

When will the results get released? As soon as possible is the fast answer, but there are legal holes that have to be jumped through and redactions to be made before the public gets to see anything. A grand jury has certain protections and having certain restrictions in place allows to keep the integrity of the justice system. I predict given the lack of excitement in these results, the public might be seeing them sooner rather than later, but I hope that what the nation does get to see answers some of these lingering questions in the Report.

With the anticipation of Watergate part two, I was pleasantly surprised after no evidence of collusion on Trump's end was found. Especially, with 37 indictments made throughout the investigation. Even though the man is not my favorite person, the idea of wishing failure on the leader of the nation is a lose-lose in my book. The same has happened in the Legislative branch, with members of Congress an the Senate using Mueller to make unknown promises to a pool of voters to gain appeal. Different news stations throughout the country have their opinions about the findings, and we know how The Donald feels about them here:

Finally acknowledging the elephant in the room is a step in the right direction however, having an ounce of this pressure lifted from Washington will allow all branches of government to focus on some more important issues like better green legislation, health care, gun laws, and border protections. I've never been more excited to hear election coverage again. We should all at least be thankful that history hasn't repeated itself like in President Nixon's case and the good work that Trump has accomplished through job creation and banning lobbying for foreign governments hasn't been fogged over by an impeachment and this investigation.

Mueller will go down as the largest piece of political spectacle in our nation's history. Knowing that, I'm interested to see where we go from here. How will the 2020 election unfold with these results? Probably most importantly, can Washington and the rest of the country move on from these Red versus Blue politics and enter into a place of brotherhood and cooperation?

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