Why MU will be so scary to Maddison and Sancho?
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Why MU will be so scary to Maddison and Sancho?

(Baobongda.net) - MU has entered the top 4 of the Premier League but has only scored 8 goals.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admits he is lacking quality offensive stars and two names James Maddison (Leicester) and Jadon Sancho (Dortmund) are mentioned again.

Why MU will be so scary to Maddison and Sancho?
Why MU will be so scary to Maddison and Sancho?

Ole Gunner Solskjaer's shopping motto in the MU reconstruction campaign is focused on investing in English players, young, promising and eager to win. According to that criteria, James Maddison and Jadon Sancho are really good choices, very suitable for the Reds.

Leicester's No 10 impressed at King Power last season.No player last season has created as many opportunities for teammates as Maddison.This season, he also has 2 assists for teammates.Maddison was directly involved in The Foxes' 14 goals in the Premier League last season in which he scored 7 goals and 7 assists.It was not a bad start for a 22-year-old midfielder.

Good vision, good technique, can kick, pass the ball and directly score, Maddison used to play the wing, play for protection or midfielder shuttle.Some 10 are both creative and versatile, the MU player is missing.

Since the time of David Beckham, MU does not have a world-class fence specialist, nor a good corner specialist.For James Maddison, those problems can be solved, even though the Reds certainly have to pay a high transfer fee.

MU needs James MaddisonMU needs James MaddisonMU needs James Maddison

MU needs James Maddison

The Reds reveal so many problems at the end of the season that one of them is a lack of creative play.The team almost only rely on Paul Pogba's pass and ability to create mutations and only Pogba can create truly delicious opportunities for teammates.

MU's less creative play is exposed through two confrontations with the new Wolves and the Palace Palace when Pogba alone, with psychological instability, cannot "burden the team" and the Red Devils immediately attack deadlock.

It was at Old Trafford that people mentioned the name James Maddison again.Once the English midfielder arrives at Old Trafford, he can bring newness, create new momentum for the Reds.

At Leicester, Maddison played well with Vardy.If he lands at Old Trafford, he can create a similar combination with Rashford or Anthony Martial.

The same story with Jadon Sancho.19 years old, British, scored well, was good at assists, rich in pace and was especially advantageous with his passing skills.Last season, Sancho participated directly in Dortmund's 26 goals in the Bundesliga in which he scored 12 goals and had 14 assists (the most in the league).

The creativity in attacking play is a serious problem of MU for the last few seasons when they almost depended entirely on Pogba and Pogba was often mentally unstable and was demanding to leave.Ole has recruited Daniel James and Wan-Bissaka to increase the effectiveness of the attack, but certainly not enough.

MU needs players like Sancho to attack more mutants.Sancho plays well with both feet and has a knack for kicking and he can play either side.But because the left wing of MU has James and Martial playing quite well, not to mention Rashford can also play here when needed so if docked at Old Trafford, Sancho can become a dangerous attack on the right wing of the Reds where Lingard or Juan Mata played not really impressed.

83 times the successful Sancho in the Bundesliga last season turned him into the best player in the tournament and this "specialty" MU is needed because apart from Pogba, the Red Devils have no good people.

Failure in the latest season shows that MU cannot "burn the stage" to return to winning trajectory, cannot use money to recruit only established or branded players to ensure success.

They were forced to accept the rebuilding of an empire whose foundations were greatly shaken after the Alex Ferguson era by starting with promising and promising young players.After James and Wan-Bissaka, Maddison and Sancho are young MU bloodlines that need to supplement to continue to increase creativity and mutation for their attacking play.

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