20 GIFS From MTV's "The Hills" That Are Literally Every College Student Ever
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20 GIFS From MTV's "The Hills" That Are Literally Every College Student Ever

Proof that iconic early 2000's shows are still relevant today.

20 GIFS From MTV's "The Hills" That Are Literally Every College Student Ever

If you were watching T.V. in the early 2000's then you've probably heard of "The Hills" which was a spin-off of "Laguna Beach". Recently I've come across some GIFS that are literally me every single day in college. If you're an undergrad then you'll probably relate to them too.

1. Me calling my friends at 3 a.m. because my body doesn't know what a sleep schedule is.

2. When I log on Blackboard and see that my professor left a critique on my assignment.

3. Me trying to find the motivation to go to my 8 a.m.

4. Every guy I've ever met in college.

5. Me to my clothes that don't fit anymore because the freshman 15 was a real thing.

6. Dear dorm bathrooms, it wasn't your fault that you were disgusting but I am so happy to be in an apartment now.

7. When you complain about being broke but you also complain when someone tells you to get a job.

8. That soul-crushing moment when you see your friends on Snapchat getting food without you.

9. Me, every single day of my college career, contemplating whether or not a degree is even worth it.

10. When it's 11:30 at night and you remember you have a two page essay due at 11:59.

11. When it's admitted students day and you just want to tell them to run while they can.

12. Me and my friends pretending we don't have homework to do and papers to write, completely ignoring all our responsibilities.

13. When you're hungover from the night before but are still down for round two because hey, it's college.

14. When your professor calls on you in class but you haven't been there in a month.

15. Saying "I'll just have one" before the bar but then getting there and remembering that you have no willpower at all.

16. Realizing there is life after school and you'll actually have real responsibilities.

17. When Brad from Chi Apple Pie or whatever promises you it's just a "guy's night"... LIES.

18. But still keeping Brad around so you can get into all the good parties.

19. When people tell you to choose a major you like but "Netflix and Chips" isn't an option.

20. But even though college is stressful and makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes, at least you'll find friends that will go through it with you.

L.C., Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney, thanks for the forever iconic show you brought in our lives. If you'll excuse me I'm going to go binge-watch every season now instead of write this paper.

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