MS in Germany - Universities, Fees, Eligibility 2020
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MS in Germany - Universities, Fees, Eligibility 2020

MS in Germany

MS in Germany - Universities, Fees, Eligibility 2020

The world owes a lot to Germany because of the precedents set by this nation in education and institutions. Germany is one of the countries which are known as the birthplace of research universities with an infrastructure having big places with high towers and a big library where new technology is developed every year.

These university models have since covered the entire globe, and new universities are also set up in this model to produce knowledge and make great inventions. Every student wants to be in a place where all of that has started. Throughout the country, students have a wide variety of subjects which help to pursue various careers.

If an international student wants to be a scholar of engineering, technological advance, and scientific discoveries, then this nation has several universities options that can satisfy your demands. It can be easily found that some of the smartest people on the planet come from this European nation who introduce new ideas and establish high technological industries.

One can also notice the long, rich history of art, music, and literature all throughout the country. Students can enjoy a trip to the opera by visiting a museum in one day.

MS in Germany for Indian Students

Studying MS in Germany for Indian students comes with a lot of benefits. As they are provided with scholarships and Indian quota seats which helps them to diverse university environment with multicultural experience.

Students with high grades or have a GPA of more than 3.8 are regarded as top students with more scholarships to keep them explore the university's best criteria and level of high education provided by the institute. Students must maintain scores, and they get to learn German with the help of natives who are kind and helps students experience a new kind of thing.

Top Universities for MS in Germany

●Technical University of Munich

●RWTH Aachen University

●Technical University of Berlin

●Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

●University of Stuttgart

●TU Dresden

●Darmstadt University of Technology

MS in Germany Courses

●Business and Management


●Physical and Life Sciences

●Social Science

●Mathematical and Computer Science

●Fine and Applied Arts

●Medicine and Dentistry




●Natural sciences


Cost of Studying MS in Germany

Germany is one of the pocket-friendly countries. Most of the expenses are covered by the German government, so a student has to pay only a few hundred Euros (up-to INR 25,000) in semester charges. The rest of the charges involve living and food which increase the expense of living in Germany a bit high for Indian students.

The rents costing about 700 Euros (~ INR 50,000) per month and the rest about 200 Euros (~ INR 14,000), it may become compulsory for students to look into fellowship and funding. The website '' provides information about scholarship opportunities from various institutions supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany which provides over 300 million Euros in fellowship money to young minds in research.

Other resources include The Deutschlandstipendium that provides financial support to students from all over the globe. The fellowship programs are funded by private organizations, with further support from the German Government making for financial support of up to 200 Euros (~ INR 16,000) per 28 days.

MS in Germany Fees

Fees are generally ranged between 8000 euros to 10000 euros for a year course. There are certain scholarship programs available for the students with high goals, their tuition fees, and residential fees get deducted, and it is for international students.

Fees for different courses might vary from like 700 euros, 6570 euros, etc. The Fee structure is really good, financially, Germany is one of the best countries with less fee structure for the best courses as it focuses on the quality of education.

MS in Germany with a low GPA

GPA of about 3.0 on five scales must be acquired by the students for enrolling themselves in the best universities in Germany. Students with 2.5 GPA can also apply for universities which have low-grade point criteria. Grades are the main requirement for the students who want to get a perfect job shortly.

Research in MS

Germany had always been at the front of cutting edge research and discoveries. German institutes and centers of research have always closely worked with organizations and industries with the developed strategic and symbolic relationship. This gives individuals many opportunities to use the skills learned in engineering programs in real-life scenarios to solve real-life complexities.

The Technical University of Munich has a partnership with reputed corporate like Siemens and General Electric with BMW which offers international students the possibility to study on research projects in collaboration with many other research centers like the Max Planck Institutes with Deutsche Museum.

Job Opportunities after MS in Germany

Indian students find it as one of the best options, and they get to do well with their respective professions. In India, jobs are provided to those who have a higher valuable degree than the other, so the students who are aspiring for it must give it go, and they will get to know that if they have perks studying in Germany.

Salary in India after MS in Germany

Students with a valuable degree in hand get a perfect job of about 1 lac INR minimum as the quality of students to depend on their experiences, and they can increase their salary their best performance in every task allotted. Salary for students who have graduated from Germany usually has a higher salary in comparison with the ones who have a homeland degree. The value increases accordingly, so does the salary.

Exams for MS in Germany

Exams are required to get enrolled in german universities as there are certain criteria; every applicant must have a score of exams mentioned, which will let the university know about the student's performance, etc.

English proficiency is for language tests to know that a student knows how to communicate in English.







How to Apply for MS in Germany

●Find a suitable university and program●Check the requirements

●Language proficiency

●Letter of recommendation in about 200 words should be submitted with the application

●Statement of Purpose in about 1500 words must be attached with the application

●Choose your preferable college according to your field of study

●Submit your application

●Apply before the deadline

●Check your GPA before applying

●Check the residences provided by the institution

●Get scholarships and check the fee structure

●Wait for the admission letter

●Get health insurance

●Get your finances in order

●Get your student visa.

MS in Germany Eligibility

Students who are planning to apply for Germany universities are required to English proficiency test as it is generally taken by every European country. GRE or SATs are one of the most common and important tests for students. Germany has different universities and from which every university has an entrance exam which students must qualify.

●For securing a seat in any of the institutions, for bachelor programs, the international students have to secure at least 65 percent in the intermediate class with at least 7 CGPA in an undergraduate degree.

●The bachelor's program is mostly taught in the German language only.

●The individuals who apply are large in number in these institutions due to which the environment is extremely tough and competitive in nature.

●Since 2010, DAAD and other German organizations have stopped providing scholar funds to international students to study different programs in Germany.

●Individuals need a different level certificate of the German language with at least one language like Physics and two more subjects from Maths, Biology or Physics are compulsory.

●Level C1 and C2 are necessary for securing a seat in high reputed universities. However, some private universities also provide courses in the English language

●Students are required to take TOEFL or IELTS test.

●GRE score is important before sending in your application

●Students with grade more than 3.0 are accepted by the universities

●The Entrance exam for the university is compulsory

Documents Checklist

●Attested Mark sheets of 10th, 12th and Graduate degree

●Scorecard of German language proficiency with certified level C1

●Scorecard of GRE and TOEFL

●Two academic references

●Two references from university

●6 Passport size photograph

●Statement of Purpose (SOP)

●CVV or Bio-Data

●Draft for application charges

●Invitation letter in some specific cases

●Financial Proof to cover expenses

How to get Student Visa of Germany

●In the first step, the student needs to apply to a specific German institute where he/she want to get admission. Take a soft copy of the form.

●In the second step, the student needs to go to German Consulate and apply for a study visa and book an interview appointment.

●Always bring all the documents with a German Language certificate in the appointed interview.

●Show all your documents and get your visa after the interview.

MS in Germany Cost

The cost is about 8000 euros per student who wants to graduate from german university with the prestigious degrees available.

Most of University funds the tuition fees, and it makes the university as freely funded. The cost paid over two years is about 1200 euros for attaining a master's degree from Germany.

MS in Germany Scholarship

Scholarships are the major part of students life as it provides students to explore in terms of the free financial stress of education. There are Germany scholarships that let the students study well without worrying about their fees and high financial amounts. As for the International students, there are German Universities scholarships available like

●The DAAD scholarships

●The Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship

●The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung scholarships

●Heinrich Boll Foundation

●Konrad Adenauer Stiftung scholarships

●Bayer Foundation

●Germany Foundation'sFoundation's scholarship

●Erasmus Scholarship programs in Germany

●OFID scholarships

●Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants

MS in Germany Cost in Indian Rupees

Germany is one of the most pocket-friendly countries. Most of the expenses are covered by the German Government, so a student has to pay only a few hundred Euros (up-to INR 25,000) in semester charges. The rest of the charges involve living and food, which increase the expense of living in Germany a bit high for Indian students.

Other resources include The Deutschlandstipendium that provides financial support to students from all over the globe. The fellowship programs are funded by private organizations, with further support from the German Government making for financial support of up to 200 Euros (~ INR 16,000) per 28 days.

MS in Germany Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is one of the most chosen courses amongst the students. As it has is own criteria and has a lot of job opportunities for the same. Students with a high expected career can choose automobile as their course for their career option, and the education provided by the German universities are fruitful with a dignified degree in hand.

Universities offering Automobile Engineering

●RWTH Aachen University

●Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

●Technical University Munchen

●Technical University of Berlin

●TU Dortmund University

●Technical University Ingolstadt

●Darmstadt University of applied sciences

●TH Koln University of applied sciences

MS in Germany in Civil Engineering

Most of the students do not want to choose civil engineering their option, and some of them do. Civil engineering students get paid with a good amount of money every day as a career in civil engineering in Germany has a lot of benefits. Students will also get the chance to interview organizations during their start year, which provides them a great knowledge about this field.

Universities offering Civil Engineering

●Technical University of Munich

●Berlin Institute of technology

●TU of Dresden

●University of Stuttgart

●Ruhr University Bochum

●Karlsruhe Institute of technology

MS in Germany Electrical Engineering

Students who want to pursue electrical engineering from Germany have a lot of scope of becoming a great engineer in terms of education. Career is really at the top for the students which such field of study, lets the students experience a great amount of development within self and builds confidence.

Universities offering Electrical Engineering

●TU Munich

●Berlin Institute of Technology

●ULM university

●TU Darmstadt

●Technical University of Kaiserslautern

●RWTH Aachen

MS in Germany Mechanical Engineering

A Postgraduate degree from Germany is a good option as Germany Universities provide benefits and a high-level degree with free education for international students. Engineering is the most chosen course by the students as it has its perks.

An MS degree in engineering will help you develop fast and achieve your career goals. As for mechanical engineering, students must have a certificate of English and German proficiency with an equivalent bachelor's degree. The requirement is of a grade higher than a 3.0 GPA. Germany Universities have certain competitive admission criteria.

Also, the grade acquired in bachelors must be above certain limits. Most of the master's degree is taught in English; however, German remains the language of instructions for most of the engineering master courses.

Universities offering mechanical engineering

●Technische Universitat Darmstadt

●RWTH Aachen University

●Technical University of Berlin

●TU Dresden

●University of Stuttgart

●Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

●Technical University of Munich

MS in Germany Computer Science

Computer science is one of the top courses worldwide, and a career in IT has a lot of perks as well as opportunities for students who are planning to graduate from Germany. Computer science, as a course, lets the students explore and have a wide knowledge of the field. A Career in computer science is a good option. The salary provided is well enough for an individual with high goals.

Universities offering Computer science

●Technical University of Munich

●Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin

●Karlsruhe Institue of Technology

●Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen

●RWTH Aachen University

●Technical University Berlin

●Ruprecht Karls Universitaet Heidelberg

Is GRE required for MS in Germany

It is highly recommended for students to take a GRE test before applying to universities as some universities need the GRE score of the applicant for a better understanding of the student's knowledge. Some of the universities just take an entrance exam, and no other additional certificates are required. But students must take the GRE score beforehand for applying to top universities.

Is it worth doing MS in Germany

There are students from different countries who apply for Universities in Germany, and there are a lot of benefits when it comes to financial education, and there are scholarships provided by the institution. Also, there are jobs with high salaries and other benefits as well. Indian students get a chance to study abroad and also in their homeland they get better jobs than others who haven't studied abroad.

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