Every once in a while, a show comes along and you simply can't get enough of it. Whether it's the characters or storyline, there is something that makes you keep going back to it. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of those shows that you can't simply walk away from.

This show takes place in 1950s New York City. Miriam Maisel is recently divorced and she finds herself on stage one night, drunk, and telling her life story. The crowd finds it hilarious and so The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is born.

From there on out it's only a constant struggle for Mrs. Maisel to book acts. Nobody wants to book a woman. The thought process is what do women have to say that's funny?

When she does book an act, it's at seedy bars, and she's only put on at the last possible time when half the crowd had already left.

The only person who has any confidence in her is her agent, Susie Myerson. She fights tooth and nail for Mrs. Maisel to perform and delivers some great one-liners throughout the show.

I find this show so important in today's age. It depicts how much of a struggle it was for women to be perceived as comics. Not once did she falter or want to give up. She always kept working towards her goal.

The writers make the jokes quick witted and quite hilarious, but not once do they put Mrs. Maisel down. She may talk about people she knows during her bits, but she never degrades herself. She stands up for what she believes in and isn't afraid to let everyone know.

It is rarely shown on today's TV someone who steps outside the box if what they're supposed to do. Mrs. Maisel is supposed to be a housewife, stay at home all day and care for the children. Instead, she works at a department store by day and performs comedy in bars by night.

Mrs. Maisel shows that women can be whatever they want. It's important in today's age because as women empowerment is a huge thing, it is hardly depicted on TV. If it is, it isn't shown as a 1950's former housewife defying all odds.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is important for anyone to watch who wants to step outside of their own box. Mrs. Maisel shows that we can be whatever we want to be if we have enough drive.