10 Reasons I Wanted To Drop Out Of School And Move To Hawaii This Week

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has little panics about college and the tuition and working and everything else that comes with college. But this past week I just about had it with everything college related and I just wanted to escape. I wanted to buy a one-way plane ticket to Hawaii and just try to live there. I've never even been to Hawaii.

I have goals and ambitions and it took a few days for me to calm down but when I did I realize that I need to just chill and say on task. This one is for everyone who gets overwhelmed with classes, homework, working, and balancing literally everything during the fall and spring semesters.

1. College is so expensive.


Every time I think about writing another check to the admissions office I cringe a little bit.

2. Working and school kicked my butt last semester.


There's so many college kids that work and go to school. Some even have two jobs and they work full-time AND go to school full-time. It can be done though although it isn't easy and you have to basically plan every second of your day.

3. Dorm life


I'm not really looking forward to this part and I know there's a lot of returning students who aren't too thrilled about the dorms on campus.

4. It's exhausting


Getting home from class and then having to go right from work or if you work in the morning and then have afternoon classes really kills a person. There's no nap time until homework is done that night and then it's the same thing all over again.

5. Anticipating Christmas break.

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Fall semester is honestly the best and it helps when there's a bunch of little breaks but the wait for Christmas break seems so long. Spring semester just seems like it takes a full year to get done.

6. Spring semester


7. Food is expensive.


I really like going out to get fries or an iced coffee or even a meal somewhere but once you have to start budgeting it seems impossible to fit going out to get food in there and that's just not ok.

8. Everything is so rushed.


It seems like there's never time during the school year to read a relaxing book or watch an episode of my favorite TV show. Tragic.

9. It's so cold.


I just think of college and cold. It's only really warm in the summer in Wisconsin so the school year is always cold from October-April usually.

10. Missing your family.


I'll be experiencing this for the first time in the fall and I'm not looking forward to it. If you go away to college then you know what it's like to miss living with your family and visits will be fun, but it won't be the same.

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