Typically, moving to a new place, especially a city where you know maybe one person, is nerve-wracking as it can bring on many emotions. Yet, for me, settling into a new city has only encouraged me to live the high life.

It has been six days since I moved to New York City, and I'll be here for the next two months. Living in New York City is something I have always dreamed of which is the reason I find myself traveling to this city so often. I often find myself in the city for fashion week and fashion-related events, but I now have the entire summer to spend immersed in these experiences without having to travel to the city.

I'm heading back to Maine today for the weekend for my sister's graduation, and it already feels weird to leave the city. I am beyond excited to see my sister graduate, but it seems like New York City is already becoming my home—as I am already in the mindset that I will be spending my entire summer there.

During the first week of my summer in the city, I did a lot. I completed my first week at my Fashion Design Internship at Rebecca Minkoff, had some interviews for a job that will fill the remainder of my weeks in the city, went on a run in Central Park (which I have always dreamed of doing), made some new friends in the city, and connected to people that I have met over these past few years from traveling to New York City for fashion events. Although I am heading back to Maine for the weekend, I already feel well-grounded in the city—although I am still adapting to transportation a bit.

I wasn't too worried while moving to the city about how long it would take for me to adapt. As I have always known that this city is one that I have always wanted to live in, it made the switch of environment easy—aside for the many new experiences that I have encountered. I have found that new things can be very intriguing and nerve-wracking, as in some cases, change does not always come easy. Luckily my first week in the city went amazing, and although there were parts where I was anxious about these new experiences, things worked out very well.

I am so excited about these new experiences, and if I could provide any recommendation it would be to find your own independence. It has been extremely liberating to travel to this city knowing that I will live here for two more months on my own. Having the opportunity to meet new people will allow me to encounter numerous experiences out of my comfort zone. Having the ability to make these next two months whatever I want them to be, I am beyond excited to conquer the fear of the unknown through undergoing countless new experiences this summer!

Although I know it's going to be a slow, exciting process to adjust to my new "home," I also know that by throwing myself into the unknown will help me learn what I like and what makes a place feel right for me.