Coming Home for Summer Is Hard

Moving Back Home For the Summer Is Harder Than I Thought It Would Be

I'm 19, I shouldn't have a curfew!

Recently, I have finally moved back for summer break into my old house with my parents. Easy? Not by any means. Paper and cardboard cuts on my fingers and ankles, clothes and jackets were strewn everywhere and a desk that is so overcrowded, I can't remember the color. I believed that since I was coming back from a tiny dorm room, I wouldn't have that much stuff to put in my obviously bigger bedroom here at home, yet I was very wrong.

Currently, I have gone through five trash bags full of clothes that I have not worn, three other trash bags full of garbage and items I have no idea why I kept for so long, just to begin to make room for everything that I brought back from college. In the ten months that I have been at college, I managed to create and fill an entire other room that I cannot house all of it in my old bedroom. Time to start some late "spring cleaning".


My next task to tackle is money. No more am I living off of mommy and daddy's money. 19 may not be very many years in the book, but I am no child and getting a job is the next thing to get once I can find my way through the mess I call my room. I thought getting a job on campus was hard, but hardly anyone wants to hire someone just for the summer. In just a day, I applied to eight jobs and shook someone's hand. I wanted to take shots of hand sanitizer and bathe in an acid bath after that. But money is money and I'm trying not to have a boring summer this year.

What looms over me the most is time. Having the impending doom that time is forever running out and I won't be able to get everything done is not fun. Trying to balance sleep, friends, the beach, a job, family, vacations, and myself doesn't leave a lot of time for other things. I might get a wall-sized calendar just to make sure I hit all my deadlines. Especially for Odyssey.

Despite everything, I'm glad to be home for the summer and even though being back living under my parent's roof is quite suffocating, it'll be fun.

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