'The Outsiders' And 12 Other Movies You Definitely Watched On A Bulky Rolling TV During School

'The Outsiders' And 12 Other Movies You Definitely Watched On A Bulky Rolling TV During School

Because nothing was better than movie day.


Elementary, middle, high school and college students alike all live for a good movie day... especially when it takes the place of a lecture. Many times we watched movies after finishing a novel in English class or on a rainy day for indoor recess. No matter the reason we all had our favorite "school" movies and the ones we dreaded watching.

But do you remember any of them?

Odds are it's probably time for you to rewatch some of these films.

Angels in the Outfield


As a child, I loved this indoor recess classic! Despite the fact that I knew nothing about baseball, I did know that I loved storyline.

Freedom Writers


This one always pulled at my heartstrings. I always felt for these kids that were dealt a less than fair hand in life but the story being told was just so beautiful.

Supersize Me

If you didn't watch this one in middle school science, my apologies. If you need a reason to give up fast food... this may be it.

The Outsiders


In 8th grade we all laughed at the names of the characters when we first began reading the book. By the end, we fell in love with the characters. And then when (SPOILER ALERT) Johnny dies... we lost cried even though we knew it was coming.

Bridge to Terabithia


Before Josh Hutcherson assumed the role of Peeta Mellark, he played alongside of AnnaSophia Robb in this English class favorite.

The Sandlot


In reality, I absolutely hated this one. I'd put my head down or do just about anything other than watch it.


Because everyone loves a good dog movie.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


This one broke all of out hearts. Despite the extremely dark ending, I'd have to say this movie was a great way to show us the realities of those who lived during the Holocaust. So chilling.

Charlotte's Web


If you're anything like me you probably don't remember this one all that much other than the fact that you had to create a diorama of the farm as a second grade project.

Pay It Forward

This one had you doing "good deeds" and hoping that the trend would continue.



Although it's a little cheesy at points, every child needs to see this movie because the truth is every word said in the cyber world still effects the person reading it.

My Side of the Mountain

I don't think I've ever had so many questions in my life... but I guess kudos to Sam for making it in the wild.

Toy Story


And of course, this gem.

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