5 Movies To Watch When Real Life Men Aren't Cutting It
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5 Movies To Watch When Real Life Men Aren't Cutting It

I feel you, girl.

5 Movies To Watch When Real Life Men Aren't Cutting It
Martin Lopez

Have you ever been so frustrated with that guy you're talking to because he's either ghosting you or is just trying to get in your pants? I feel you girl, and I have a solution. Sometimes we just need to escape the “real" guys and go to our fictional ones. While there PLENTY of good books and movies with strong, perfect men, here are my top five movies I would suggest you hit up when real life men aren't doing enough

1. Dumplin'

I am fully behind this movie because the message it gives it great. While many people aren't really a fan of Netflix original movies, I have to say this is in my top three of favorites. Also, it doesn't hurt that Luke Benward, the actor who plays the love interest of the protagonist (Willowdean), is gorgeous to look at. His character Bo is of course not to bad on the eyes, but his personality and how he treats Willowdean is what I (and many of my friends) want in a guy.

2. She's The Man

If you know me in real life, then you know this is one of my FAVORITE movies ever. Channing Tatum, of course, is a beautiful gift from God, and his acting is out of this world. His character Duke has to learn to like a person based on their personality instead of just liking them only on their looks. If you don't want that in a guy, I don't know what to say.

3. High School Musical

Honestly, looking back at this movie, it wasn't the greatest and gave me a false impression of what high school was going to be like. Saying all this, Troy Bolton was most definitely my first crush, even at the young age of six. I wanted a boyfriend who would encourage me and want to be with me, regardless of what everyone else was saying and going against the status quo.

4. Divergent

Although I was one of those who never read the books, I loved how Theo James played Four. He’s almost like the “bad boy”, and we all had a bad boy phase at some point.

5. The Last Song

If you didn’t like this movie growing up, you were doing it wrong, honey. My friends and I were OBSESSED with Liam Hemsworth after this movie His character, although he has flaws, is everything we wanted in a guy.

While there are several more movies I would suggest, these are the top five movies. Sometimes real life guys just aren't cutting it because of different situations, but at least Hollywood gives us the versions of guys we want.

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