10 Movies To Watch On A Lazy Day
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10 Movies To Watch On A Lazy Day

A list of movies for those days when a bed becomes too comfortable.

10 Movies To Watch On A Lazy Day

Imagine: a Saturday afternoon. Homework is probably not done. Friends are still sleeping from a long night out or are traveling home for a much-needed reset. So what do you do? Sit on your bed surfing Instagram? Fear not, for I have a solution: watch these ten amazing movies to cure boredom, sickness or for exploration of curiosity.

1. "Birdman" or "The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance"

My personal favorite on this list, "Birdman," is a combination of a perfect award-winning film. Take a former action hero, combine it with Broadway, romance, and action, and you get this incredible production. This film may be intense for the typical lazy day, but if you need a good film to get the mind thinking, this is the one for you.

2. "Up"

Who doesn't love "Up?" Tearjerker? Yes. But dogs, Boy Scouts, and Pixar magic make up a good film choice for that day you want nostalgia. This movie has so many funny jokes, relatable moments, and Dug (everyone's favorite Disney dog). Why wouldn't "Up" be on this list?

3. "Guardians of the Galaxy"

If anyone knows me, this film immediately makes the list. "Guardians" is one of the best Marvel films in existence. It combines the action of superhero flicks as well as 80's nostalgia through the music choices and plenty of laughs for all to enjoy.

4. "The Theory of Everything"

Again on the more powerful side but a beautiful film nonetheless. If you know nothing about Stephen Hawking's life, this film will answer so many questions and will show the power of love and science that is needed in life.

5. "Black Panther"

Seeing "Black Panther" on this list and the film just came out may appear to be a bit of a confusion. However, when this film does come out, it's a perfect film if you're in an action-film mood. While you may have to wait a few months for it to come out on DVD or streaming, it was an amazing inclusive film and a must-watch.

6. "Darkest Hour"

Like history? Like studying World War II? Like Gary Oldman (aka Sirius Black for all my "Harry Potter" fans)? "Darkest Hour," a film that won Oldman an Oscar, focuses about the life of Winston Churchill, the former prime minister of the UK. It is a brilliant film that really shines a different light on Churchill.

7. "Joyeux Noel"

I know it's past Christmas when I write this, but nonetheless, this film is a year-round classic. Based on the WWI Christmas Armistice, it is a unique film that contains three different spoken languages and a powerful message of peace on Earth during the times of conflict. Watch it with the subtitles; it'll make the film more powerful.

8. "To Kill a Mockingbird"

9. "Miracle"

In honor of the past Olympics, a sports film has to be on this list. And what better film than "Miracle," the classic film of U.S. v Russia in that powerful moment when the U.S. won the match against heavy favorites USSR? This film is a great film for sports-lovers and nonsports-lovers alike.

10. "Rent"

And of course, it wouldn't be a Jay Silver list without a Broadway touch. I went with "Rent" here because "Rent" is one of the better broadways to film adaptations. Plus "Rent" is an iconic piece of work and a great film to watch when people need a good film to sing to.
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