Movies/TV Shows And Artists To Know In 2016

Whether iconic or unknown, movies and artists are what speak to us, challenge us, make us laugh and cry, and scrutinize society. These are films and artists that have personally made me do all of the above and I hope you come to see them in the same light. (They also provide great alternatives to studying now that school is back in session.)

Recommended Movies:

"Jagten" (The Hunt): A Danish film about the plight of a man accused of sexually molesting the daughter of his best friend. A raw and vulnerable performance from Mads Mikkelsen (star of NBC’s "Hannibal") makes an otherwise simple plot complex and compelling.

"Wayne’s World": A Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey tour de force about two grown men still living with their parents while producing their own small time TV show in Aurora. So stupid it’s good. Schwing.

"A Clockwork Orange": Violence prone, teenage Alex is rehabilitated through psychological conditioning. Alex’s demeanor and the conditioning methods are both provocative and controversial; raising questions over whether goodness is chosen or imposed by society.

"American Beauty": A movie following the midlife crisis of middle class Lester Burnham and his infatuation with his daughter’s best friend, this serves as a response to the parts of us that like perverse things.

"Unbranded": A documentary featuring three best friends and their trek across the west on horseback alongside a commentary on the government’s treatment of wild mustangs.

"Stranger Things": 2016 mini-series that is the perfect mix of sci-fi, relationship tension and campy horror.

"Macgyver": One man, one mind, and ingenious responses to hundreds of obstacles.

Recommended Artists:

A variety of artists with unique sounds, ranging from ethereal to soulful.

Hannah Georgas (Alternative): Ethereal voice and lyrics that speak to a hurt heart. Listen to “Don’t Go.”

Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Indie/Songwriter): Music that puts you at ease and makes you want to embrace life at its fullest. Listen to “Atlas Hands.”

Roy Woods (R&B/Rap): Sensual and laid back, good for late night drives. Listen to “Get You Good.”

Daniel Caesar (R&B/Soul): Soulful and raw vocals accompanying few instruments. Listen to “A Cappella.”

Dvsn (Electronic): Pulsating and melodic synth. Listen to “With Me.”

Borns (Indie/Alternative): High ranging vocalist with upbeat, politically and emotionally charged anthems. Listen to “American Money.”

Jaymes Young (Indie/Songwriter): Smooth ballads with relatable lyrics. Listen to “Habits of my Heart.”

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