5 Hot Must-Watch Movies For Those Chill Summer Days When You Can't Face The Heat

Watching movies on your days off can be relaxing and can help you disconnect from reality for a few hours. I've compiled a list of great movies you can watch with your friends, family, or significant other this summer! There's always a movie for every mood you may be in. Take a peek at this list and decide which one or ones you want to watch.

1. "Aladdin" [PG]

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This movie just hit the box office and has received a lot of great reviews. I went to see it with my family and I absolutely loved it. The musical numbers stood out to me the most. I saw Aladdin on Broadway a few years ago and as I watched the movie, I felt like I was back in NYC watching the show on stage. Although there were some differences, I think the movie did an excellent job of telling the story and of performing the musical numbers beautifully. This movie is kid friendly and a film that the whole family will love!

2. "Always Be My Maybe" [PG-13] Netflix


Netflix's newest film came out on May 31st. I think this movie is hands down the best movie Netflix has put out. It is really funny and cute. If you're in a feel-good mood and want to mix in a few nostalgic feelings, head to Netflix right now. The movie features a primarily Asian cast and has some major actors/actresses starring in it.

3. "To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before" [TV-14] Netflix


This movie has been on Netflix for a while and it's definitely one of my favorite Netflix originals. It's a cute movie and is well written. The family dynamics in the movie are heartwarming. A sequel is coming out soon and I'm sure that one will be great as well, so watch the first one so you're not behind when it's released!

4. "Definitely, Maybe" [PG-13]


I always saw trailers for this movie when I was little, but I didn't actually watch it until about a month ago. My boyfriend and I decided to sit down and watch it and we ended up loving it. The movie shows the story of a man having a flashback as he tells his young daughter about how he met her mom. It is incredibly heartwarming and sweet. It left me feeling happy and feeling like everything works out somehow.

5.  "Love, Rosie" [R] Available on Netflix


If you're in the mood for a cute romantic movie, you have to watch this one. It is about two best friends growing up together and entering the real world. I am not going to spoil anything because you should watch it for yourself, but the movie has a lovely ending. There are a lot of ups and downs and overall the film is as realistic as it can get for a romantic movie. This is not a kid-friendly movie. It's rated R, and I recommend you watch this with either your older friends or your significant other!

I definitely recommend these films. If you have a day off and want to relax on your couch, watch these films. The only one on the list you won't be able to find outside of theaters at the moment is Aladdin. With that said, please go see Aladdin in theaters. I think the visual effect and musical numbers truly shine on the big screen and I think everyone should get to experience the movie in that way!

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