I've always loved animated family films and never grew out of loving them. Even in college, I continue to watch them in my spare time, ones like "The Road to El Dorado," "Sing," and "Mulan," because of how relatable the characters are, how beautiful the artistry is, and how fun they are to watch, especially the musicals. There are many animated family films that parallel your life in college; these are the ones that I find the most joy in viewing and the most relatable content in. Watching these may even help you find a solution to a problem you're having.

1. "Happy Feet"

Dance to the beat of your own feet. Especially entering your young adult years, it's crucial to be your true self and do what you love to do because someone will appreciate your unique abilities and perceptions. Letting someone like a mean-spirited teacher or negative peer dull your merriment is not conducive to your growth as a person. Fitting in is overrated.

2. "Finding Nemo"

I’d cross an ocean for you. Those who care for you will go to great lengths to make sure you’re okay. In college, making sure you have someone looking out for you, family or friends, is important to keeping yourself from burdening, stressing, or hurting yourself too much. Brushing off their concern or not hearing their advice at all when you are in a bad spot may do more harm than good.

3. "Kubo and the Two Strings"

Love is magic. Having people around who love and care for you gives you strength to power through difficult times. Try to keep in touch with people you were really close to before college but also try to find people to get closer to; have someone you can connect to and get love from. Showing love and kindness to those who don’t seem to have any in their life can make a bigger difference than it may seem.

4. "Shrek 2"

Handsomeness does not factor into love. Loving someone shouldn’t be about being with someone attractive or who your parents approve of. You love who you love and hopefully, your parents will come around and realize your relationship is just as acceptable as theirs. Whether your relationship seems questionable because of the gender of who you're dating or simply the intelligence of them, your love is valid.

5. Megamind

Hate is made not born. Typecasting someone one way based on one experience, bad or good, could lead to relationships that cause you unnecessary issues. Try to understand someone and their character over time instead of labeling them immediately. If a friend gives you attitude one time or a teacher seems to grade you unfairly one time, it doesn't make them bad people. Their collective actions make them good or bad people.