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2018 has come and gone. With a new year comes new movies. Here are some that I'm so excited about, and like always, in no particular order.

"Glass" (Jan. 2019)

This is the last chapter in the trilogy with "Unbreakable" and "Split" from M. Night Shyamalan. With James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and many more actors in this movie, it will be unforgettable and scary.

"It: Chapter 2" (September 2019)

I loved the first "It" movie and I'm sure the second one won't disappoint. When the kids from the first movie come back 27 years later as adults to fight Pennywise, more horror and adventure awaits. For people afraid of clowns, beware of this movie.

"Happy Death Day 2U" (Valentine's Day 2019)

The sequel to the 2017 film. The cast is back as Tree and her friends get stuck in the same time loop as the first movie and they must find a way to get out. I loved the first movie and I am happy that I won't have to wait long to see this.

"The Addams Family" (Oct. 2019)

This 3D animated film is about the iconic family that is mysterious, creepy, and spooky, in this modern-day retelling. I've always wanted to see "The Addams Family" so for this movie to come out is exciting.

"Annabelle 3" (July 2019)

While this movie doesn't have a name yet, I am so excited for this next chapter in the "Conjuring" series to be released. This is supposed to take place before the first movie but after the introduction scene in the first movie. I hope some questions from "The Nun" are answered.

"The Secret Life Of Pets 2" (June 2019)

I loved the original since it was so cute and funny. With this sequel, who knows what trouble these pets will face.

"Aladdin" (May 2019)

I love the live action remakes of the Disney movies. The movie looks stunning and I'm sure this movie is going to blow everyone away.

Tyler Perry's "A Madea Family Funeral" (March 2019)

I've grown up loving the outspoken, crazy old lady. However, it's sad that this is the last film in this series. Hopefully Madea doesn't die.

"Serenity" (Jan. 2019)

With this suspenseful, Neo-Noir film, this is going to be good. When a sailor is approached to kill his ex-wife's new husband, the suspense builds.

 "A Dog's Way Home" (Jan. 2019)

When a therapy dog gets lost she must find her way back home. With a cute dog as the protagonist, this is going to be an emotional movie.

 "Toy Story 4" (June 2019)

I grew up watching and loving the "Toy Story" films. As an adult, I'm so excited to watch the fourth installment.

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