Want To See Any Movie In Theaters As Much As You Want For Only $10? How?!
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Want To See Any Movie In Theaters As Much As You Want For Only $10? How?!

It will bring people like you and I back into the theaters.

Want To See Any Movie In Theaters As Much As You Want For Only $10? How?!

Let's be honest: most of us would go to the movie theater more often if the prices of movie tickets weren't so high.

With video streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Firesticks, a lot of us would just much rather wait and watch it at home for free. Here in my hometown, movie tickets are as high as $15. Not much of an incentive to go see a movie for that price right?

Well allow me to open your mind to this movie subscription service that recently surfaced this past August.


Now before I explain, I want to say that I am in no way being paid to write this article. I simply just want to share a great service that could help save people such as myself money. On that note, let's start!

NOTE: A smartphone is REQUIRED to use this service.

MoviePass is a movie subscription service that allows you to see any movie you want for $9.95 a month. As a MoviePass member, you're allowed to see one movie a day in 2D. You can go everyday as long as it's only one movie per day.

How did I hear about this?

One of the strongest marketing tools in today's day and age is 'word of mouth'. A friend of mine texted a small group of us after hearing about it from a co-worker and briefly explained MoviePass and what it was. Now because my friend suggested it, I was already intrigued to looking more deeply into the company. If I had gotten an advertisement in the mail or saw a commercial, I more than likely would have brushed off the idea of even looking into it. So that's already an incentive for you to read the rest of this article. I'm not a business person trying to sell you this service, I'm not being paid to write this article, I'm just a regular college student trying to help others save money!

How does it work?

Simple... Pay the monthly fee, wait for the card to come in, enjoy endless movies!

I swear it's that easy! But allow me to explain this in further detail because I know no one believes me. How do I know? Because I didn't believe it myself either, and I don't blame you!

1) You start this process by paying the regular monthly fee, $9.95. No startup fee, no games, just one simple payment... I promise!

After about two weeks you will then receive a card that looks like this:

2) Once you receive the card in the mail, you activate the card by going into the app on your smartphone.

3) After you activate the card you enjoy the movie!

How does the card work?

The card is kind of like a debit card, MoviePass puts the exact amount you'll need to purchase your ticket once you check-in on the app.

What does 'Check-In' mean?

You need to 'Check-In' on your app when you're at the movie theater to purchase tickets... Read below and I'll explain further.

Are There Any Downsides To MoviePass?

I won't lie, there are. BUT the benefits of the MoviePass DEFINITELY outweighs the downfalls. The first downfall is you can't pre-order tickets on your app. To ensure you are the only person using the MoviePass you and your smartphone must be within 100 yards of the movie theater you've selected and once you click check in, you choose the movie you want to see and swipe the card and boom. So while you can't pre-order tickets, you can go early that day and purchase tickets ahead of time, you just need to be within the 100 yard of the theater.

Another downside is you can't see any 3D or IMAX movies, it's stictly only 2D movies.

These small downfalls seem meaningless since I can now see as many movies as I want for $10 a month right?

How does MoviePass make money?

This question is honestly still confusing to me but after doing some research I found it does something similar to Netlix, it sells data. It sells the information of what movies you go to see, how often you go, when you go, and other types of data that could help other companies. I also read that they're trying to partner with movie theaters and movie studios. As I said previously, I'm not 100% sure, but that's what I've gathered from my research.

How do you and your friends like it?

We LOVE it. The MoviePass is one of the best investments we've made in a long time and we're so glad we did. It's a good way to hangout and not spend a ridiculous amount of money. I was skeptical at first, but after doing some research and asking other people in community Facebook groups, I became more comfortable knowing it wasn't a scam and it was actually a good investment. I'm so glad I found this service because I'll definitely be more driven to go to the movies more often now!

If you're still skeptical (I won't blame you, I was skeptical at first also!), I encourage you to do research like my friends and I all did. We googled various articles, and asked other people's feedback on the service. It's never a bad thing to do your research before spending money on a product or service. So do more research, and then consider investing in this company because I believe it will do great things and dramatically change the decreasing movie theater attendance. MoviePass will bring people like you and I back to the theaters!

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