What Living and Moving Out Of College Has Taught Me, As Told By 'How I Met Your Mother'
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Student Life

What Living and Moving Out Of College Has Taught Me, As Told By 'How I Met Your Mother'

Why move out day is more of a milestone than people think.

What Living and Moving Out Of College Has Taught Me, As Told By 'How I Met Your Mother'
Nerd Reactor

If there is one thing I can think of, aside from finals, that wraps up your spring semester it would definitely be move out day. Move out day is a day full of stress, excitement and this bittersweet feeling all wrapped up together. Of course, by the time finals roll around you can be pretty done with staying on campus, but take it from someone who has just moved out of their dorm: it really hits you when you've been back home for a few days forming a routine vastly different than the one you had during the semester and missing your friends who are far away. Don't get me wrong, ten trips to the car later, I couldn't wait to put as much distance between me and my campus, but after the dust settles and I regained feeling in my arms and legs, I realized how much of a mini milestone, moving in and moving out of a college dorm can be. So in honor of this mini milestone here are seven things living in a college dorm has taught me, as told by the cast of "How I Met Your Mother."

1. How to rely on myself and be more independent


Being an only child myself and living at home before college, I had days when I was relying on familiar places and people to keep me going, but being on your own is this new liberating experience that can teach a lot about yourself and who you are when your parents aren't around to impress.

2. How to live with roommates


Being an only child has a lot of pros and cons. For example, Pros: No one to split Christmas presents, share space or birthdays with. Cons: living in a college dorm may be your first experience sharing a space with other people. Luckily all the people I've ever shared space with in a dorm have been great, (you know who you are, thanks for being awesome). Also, special shout out to my first ever roomie.

3. How to make food (for the most part)


Okay, you caught me, two years later and I haven't really mastered this. But hey, I've come along way from begging for take out or waiting for my mom to make me something (shout out to you mom, your food is always the best.) Living on my own has taught me to appreciate the little things like my on again off again best friend microwaveable Mac and Cheese as well as learn how to make basic recipes that taste semi-edible.

4. How to appreciate home more.


As much as I have loved living on campus and basically having some type of sleepover every night (where the people actually sleep or when they stay up it's to study) but something about home just gets me every time. Whether it's my bedroom chock full of items that are restricted in my dorm room or the smell of a genuine home cooked meal, being away from home has made appreciate just a little bit more those days that I'm finally back.

5. How strong willed I am when it comes to studying (spoiler alert: not too bad)

Almighty Five

Although I haven't quite perfected the art of edible meals, I have perfected the art of staying on top of myself to study, which I'll admit was an adjustment. Going from being at home with parents reminding you to do homework to being the only adult around to keep myself in check (which isn't much of an adult at all) has been quite a change. But luckily, I've been able to turn away (most of the time, after all, I'm still human) from the temptation to binge watch a show for the tenth time instead of studying.

6. How to be a better friend.


Being around your suite all the time teaches you how to be a better person (if you haven't learned that up until this point). If you're an only child, you might not have experienced being around people all the time, and hearing anything and everything that they have to say. Living in a dorm has taught me to be a better listener and a better person. Shout out to the pal pacinos.

7. The fact that home is what you make of it.

The end

Living in a dorm room has taught me that home can be anywhere you want it to be. As much as you might prefer your real home in your hometown, college life has taught me that it's all about your perspective on things, and that with the right people and the right niche, you can take home wherever you go, even to a college campus.

Reflecting back on my most recent move out day, I can't help but think of all the good times I've had in my room and the people I shared it with. It's been a great experience and I am glad to have had it.

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