Take a second to sit back and breathe.

Your papers, tests, study guides, homework assignments and presentations will still be there after you take a mental break for yourself.

Too often college students nowadays overload themselves to the point where they feel as if they are going to explode. It is no longer enough for college students to have a good GPA or a lot of experience in their field: they have to have both.

Do not get me wrong, I have a packed schedule because I enjoy being busy. However, during the last two weeks of the semester I find myself getting overwhelmed. When this happens though, I remember a few things.

Number one: I have gotten to this point for a reason. I am capable of working hard and getting tasks done in a timely fashion. If I wasn't capable I would not have made it to my senior year of college. You would not have made it to this point either.

Number two: I have a great support system to lean on. Whenever I feel like I cannot keep going I know I can go and talk to my friends about how stressed I am, and we can take a quick run to the diner. My parents and boyfriend remind me every chance they get how proud they are of me and that I can handle anything God throws at me. Lean on the people who make it known to you they are there for you.

Number three: It is only a few days out of the year. When you think about it, the seasons are all longer than finals week. If you can survive a brutal winter, you can survive that horrible final you have to take before you leave for the holiday break.

Remember you can do this. In the long run, you will look back at all the stress and probably think about how not worth it it is. In addition, remember you have to take a mental break every once in awhile. It is no good to continually look at your notes and not do anything for yourself. Your mental health is considerably important. At the end of the day, you go to bed with yourself, not your grades.

Before you know it finals will be over. So take a breath reader, you are going to be okay.