A Much Needed "Back to School" Pep Talk

Whether you are still in high school or are at university, this pep talk is applicable to you. Now, take a deep breath, relax, and hear me out.

Heading back to school can be full of excitement whether that's seeing friends, joining new clubs, taking new classes, or overall just diving into a new environment. But, it can also be a stressful time full of micro-managing things to get done before graduation, juggling school, and a job, or just the fact that school can be stressful in general.

Make sure that while you are studying and trying your very best to succeed, but also make time for yourself and your mental health. Take breaks, drink lots of water, nourish yourself. School can be an anxiety-filled place so always make sure you are checking in on yourself.

And always stay proud of during moments when you don't feel as motivated as you want to be. Remind yourself of how far you have already come this school year! Despite how big or small the accomplishment, you should always use them to motivate you every day. It's easy to lose motivation during the school year, especially if you are at the moment of almost graduating. But tell yourself to continue to work hard until the very end! Finish on a high note so that once you are done, you can feel a little more accomplished than before.

I know that it can also be easy to get discouraged. Comparing your accomplishments to others may seem inevitable but should be prevented as much as possible. Now is the time to focus on yourself and what you need to work on. Yes, this may sound slightly selfish, but sometimes we need to take this time for ourselves in order to improve, and that's totally okay! And while you're doing that, make sure you are also taking time to breathe and take some breaks. Get coffee with a friend, go shopping, take a walk, meditate, pray, do whatever you need to do to stay healthy and happy!

Our happiness should continuously be recharged, especially throughout the school year. Yes, we will have our bad days that may make being "happy" not the easiest thing to do but search for the small things. Try to find at least one thing every day that encourages you to do better.

Having a healthy school year also means surrounding yourself with positivity. Be around friends that encourage you to do your best and keep you grounded through difficult times. Support from your friends can help you a long way during the journey of the school year.

It may seem like I am over-exaggerating the importance of maintaining positivity throughout the school season, but it is absolutely crucial. Academics can be highly stressful, especially for those striving for a higher education experience. In order to reach your goal for whatever you're striving for, having a happy and healthy mindset is key. Don't stress yourself out too much this year, work as hard as you can, and ALWAYS be proud of yourself along the way.

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