Man, do I have a story for you. But first, let me give you a little background.

Recently, I joined the Odyssey community at my college, Florida Gulf Coast University. This, for example, is one of my articles.

Well, my roommates at college are amazing. They are super funny and so supportive. So when I got my first article published on Odyssey, I let them know and they were so excited. They went to share the post on Facebook, and usually, this step is no issue. Well, except for one of my roommates, Emily.

Emily is hilarious and very outgoing. However, what happened next to her is no surprise to me. If this was going to happen to anyone, it, of course, was going to be Emily.

You see, Emily went to share my article, but something looked funny. Instead of sharing it immediately to her page for everyone to see, she realized it was going to share only to "specific friends." When she expanded the option she realized her "specific friends" were only one person: Her mom.

Rachel Adkins

She wasn't sure why it was only going to share so just her mom would see the post. But that's when the dots started to connect. Emily thought back to her recent posts and shares to Facebook and it all started to make sense.

Rachel Adkins

She thought back to major signs that told her something was up, but she just never picked up on them.

Rachel Adkins

And the most important sign she didn't pick up on involved her mother.

Rachel Adkins

Right? Shouldn't Grandma at least show some love?

Emily had to investigate to see how long this went on for. How long was only Emily's mom seeing her Facebook posts? It couldn't be for more than a couple weeks, right? That would just be outrageous. But then again, no one had been liking her posts for a while now...

Rachel Adkins

January 11th. Since January 11, 2018, had Emily's Facebook posts only been seen by her mom. An entire year.

Emily shared this all with us and I couldn't help but share it with everyone else. This type of scenario is so specific that no one can help but laugh. The steps that had to be taken for her posts only to be visible to her mom, and the thoughts that Emily must have had for the entire year. It probably started out small. Maybe she didn't get any likes on a picture she shared. She probably thought,

"Hm. That's odd."

Then the next couple of posts saw no response or acknowledgment and Emily had to think,

"Well, I guess that wasn't as funny/interesting as I thought it was."

The fact that this thinking went on for an entire YEAR, the thoughts had to escalate. At what point would you begin to get upset that no one cared what you posted? Or maybe at that point, you just stop posting at all because clearly, no one cares.

Well, except your mom.

I guess this just goes to show that your mom is really the only one who will be there for you, liking all of your posts when no one else will.

So thank you to all the moms who are always there liking all of our Facebook posts. Whether it's because they are the only ones seeing them or not. Thank you, mom.