10 Underrated Netflix Shows That You're Missing Just Because You're Watching 'Friends' AGAIN

10 Underrated Netflix Shows That You're Missing Just Because You're Watching 'Friends' AGAIN

Don't worry, all of your "Friends" will still be there for you when you're done binging these.


Over this winter break I had the opportunity and time to watch many new movies, series and documentaries on netflix in order to dig myself out of a deep boredom hole. And after having watched almost everything Netflix has to offer, I have decided to give a shoutout to some of the most praiseworthy titles that a lot of you probably haven't watched. So here is my top 10 most underrated Netflix titles:

10. "3%"

I don't know if you are into foreign shows or not, however I do know what a good show is when I see one and 3% is nothing less than that. This Brazilian-made show is a very entertaining thriller about a group of 20 year old kids that are aspiring to earn a free pass into a sort of utopian world in the other side of the favelas. In order to do this however, they have to pass a "proving", a series of mental and physical challenges, that will put their capabilities to the test. The catch is that only 3% of all the 20 year-old population can earn a spot in this utopian world. To be completely honest, the first season is very good. The second season is not as good, but it is still worth watching due to all the twists and turns that the story and some of the main characters go through. The show is entertaining and relatively short because it only has two seasons, so if you're looking for a short but fast paced adventure, this one might be up your alley. Rate: 8 out of 10.

9. "Magnus"


Magnus is a docu-film telling the astounding true story of the genius and chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen. If you are into documentaries, this one will not disappoint you. Even though at times it may seem to be a bit slow paced, it still is a very good film. It will effectively immerse you into the life of Magnus, allowing you to live his struggles and successes as if they were your own. His story is that of no ordinary boy and it will truly captivate you, if you give it a chance. Rate: 8 out 10.

8. "Hush"

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If you are into horror movies, this one is the one for you. Hush is about how a deaf writer who lives in almost complete isolation must fight for survival when a masked serial killer enters her property, seemingly threatening to end her life. This movie is very original and it quite honestly might be one of the best horror movies I've seen. Even though I am not a huge fan of the genre, I found this film to be very enjoyable. It kept me on my toes wondering what would happen next throughout the whole thing and for that it has very well-deserved spot on this list. Rate: 8.25 out of 10.

7. "Altered Carbon"

Whether you like sci-fi series or not, this one is a must watch. Altered Carbon is yet another very original and vibrant show that takes place sometime in a distant future where humanity can live almost eternally, even after physical death, by means of a chip that contains your persona. The plot revolves around solving the case of the mysterious physical death of one of the most powerful men of the time. I know the whole thing is kind of funky, but the story is very engaging and interesting, especially considering how complex the world and the characters are. In my opinion, big part of what makes this show great is its complexity, colors, lively world and the fact that is very different from your ordinary TV show. If you are looking for something different yet exciting, give this one a try. You will most likely not be disappointed. Rate: 8.5 out of 10.

6. "Dark"

This show is not the first ever German series to stream internationally for nothing. Dark is a mysterious thriller that takes place in a small German town where two children disappear seemingly out of nowhere. Their mysterious disappearances however, reveal many untold truths and connections between the families of several townspeople. This thriller does a great job keeping you engaged and trying to figure out what is really going on. Even if the story might be hard to follow at times due to the fact that the true unfolding of events happens in the later stages of the series, it is still an absolutely amazing show. If you chose to watch this show, I promise that your patience will be abundantly rewarded. Rate: 8.5 out of 10.

5. "The Founder"


The Founder movie narrates the true story of how the largest and most successful fast food chain was created. Michael Keaton does a fantastic job portraying Ray Kroc in this rather interesting and kind of sad journey. This film does an excellent job at uncovering all the hidden facts behind the creation of the restaurant that today can be spotted anywhere by simply looking at the 2 big yellow arches. Rate: 8.7 out of 10.

4. "Sleeping With Other People"

This one is one of my favorite rom-coms on Netflix and as it turns out, it's pretty unpopular, so I'll give it its deserved shout out here. Sleeping With Other People is a film about a sex-addict womanizer, who after 12 years finds the person whom he lost his virginity with at a sex-ed meeting. Turns out that both of their sex and romantic lives are lacking, but finding each other might help them find the answers they were looking for. This one is a fresh and up-to-date story that is both funny and engaging. It is a very neat and relatively realistic story that might make you believe in love once more. Rate: 8.7 out of 10.

3. "Our Lovers"

Another international movie, Our Lovers is an absolutely astounding Spanish rom-com released in 2016. This film tells the story of how two individuals with very complicated romantic lives meet and decide to play a game with one simple rule: not falling in love with each other. Miguel Ángel Lamata does a spectacular job creating a wonderful tale that is very distinct from the regular rom-coms in its own way. It is a film that is romantic without being cheesy, and predictable without being cliche. In the simplest terms, what makes Our Lovers different, is the fact that it achieves to find the perfect balance in all aspects, making it a true standout film. Rate 9 out of 10.

2. "Peaky Blinders"


An absolute gem of a show, and definitely one of my favorite ones ever, Peaky Blinders is an action-packed series narrating the story of how Tommy Shelby and his crew take over the English and European mafia after getting involved in a lot of "bad business". This show is good from beginning to end. After binge watching it during Christmas and New Year's break, I seriously have nothing bad to say about this series. It is fast paced, thrilling, it has an amazing storyline, very well developed characters, and absolutely badass action scenes. The only reason why I do not give this show the top spot on this list is that it is more well known and may be more widely recognized than my number one pick. Do not let this distract you from the fact that I probably think this might be the best show overall on this list. Rate: 9.5 out of 10.

1. "Mindhunter"

By far the most underrated title on this list, Mindhunter brings to the table a lot of elements that work in almost perfect synchrony, successfully putting together one of the very best shows in Netflix altogether. Mindhunter narrates how an FBI agent and a psychologist study why some of the world's most dangerous killers do what they do through the conduction of numerous interviews. What makes this show special, is that through watching the interviews they conduct, you may actually achieve to understand what is the reasoning behind the criminals' actions. It may sound creepy but analyzing and observing how things are from their perspective is very interesting and can be very mind-boggling. Overall it is a fresh, original, mind-blowing and eye-opening show that should get more recognition and praise. Rate 9.25 out of 10.

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The Ultimate List Of 'One Tree Hill' Moments That Left Us Shook

There's only one Tree Hill.

Late last semester, I was in desperate need of a new Netflix show to start watching. I casually inquired to my roommates if I should start watching "One Tree Hill." Both having watched the show before, and slightly horrified that I've never even seen a single episode, they wholeheartedly urged me to begin the emotional journey that is "One Tree Hill." The show is quite a doozy at nine seasons, but I powered through all the ridiculous, melodramatic, and, above all, ups and downs that the multitude of characters experience. I have way too many thoughts concerning this show, but here we go.

Here are some of the best things about this show:

1. Brooke & Peyton's Friendship

2.Haley & Nathan's First Kiss

3. The Cracker Jack Box Prize

4. The Boytoy Auction

5. Lucas and Nathan's Budding Friendship

6. Whitey's Tough Love And Wisdom

7. Jake Being The Best All-Around Guy

8. Lucas's Heartfelt Speech To Brooke In The Rain

9. Peyton Bonding With Her Biological Mother

10. Karen & Keith Getting Together

11. Mouth Being The Ultimate Friend

12. Haley & Nathan Renewing Their Vows

13. The Ravens Winning The Basketball Championship

14. Lucas Declaring His Love To Peyton

15. Haley & Nathan Having Jamie

16. The Heartfelt Farewell To The River Court After Graduating High School

17. The Transformation Of Brooke Davis

18. Brooke & Peyton Reuniting In Tree Hill

19. Haley & Nathan's Little Family

20. Quentin & Jamie

21. Lucas & Peyton Getting Back Together

22. Deb Knocking Nanny Carrie Out

23. The Dog Eating Dan's Heart

24. Lucas & Peyton Getting Married

25. Peyton & Lucas Having Sawyer

26. Nathan Getting Into The NBA

27. Brooke & Julian's Relationship

28. Clay & Quinn Getting Together

29. The Utah Trip

30. Brooke & Julian's Wedding

31. Lydia Scott Arriving

32. Brooke Telling Julian She's Pregnant

33. Jude & Davis Baker

34. Chase Being The Best Bar Manager

35. Chris Keller Returning

36. Keith Forgiving Dan

37. Clay & Quinn Getting Engaged

38. Clay & Quinn & Logan Becoming A Family

39. The Cast Singing Along To The Theme Song

40. This Iconic Line

"One Tree Hill" is definitely a show that gives you some serious feelings, and because of that, I think it's one of the best teen dramas ever made. Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Peyton, Karen, Keith, Whitey, Jamie, Deb, Mouth, Skills, Clay, Quinn, Millie, Chase, Chris, and even Dan will always have a place in every OTH fan's heart. There is, after all, only one Tree Hill.

Cover Image Credit: Wikia

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'Shrill' Is A Giant Middle Finger To Unhealthy Body Image, Sexuality, And More

Aidy Bryant kicks off the pilot episode of her new show on Hulu with a bat of her eyelashes and middle finger to negative social standards.


When I was scrolling through Facebook the other day looking for content to write about at work, I stumbled across a post about a new comedy show on Hulu called "Shrill." I didn't know much about it other than that it stars Aidy Bryant, who I love, and immediately put it on my radar.

As a quick premise, if you don't know who Aidy is, she stars on Saturday Night Live and is one of the most nonchalantly hilarious women in comedy. She's known for her effortless way in sliding in jokes under her breath and for being a downright awesome advocate for women. Tie that all together, and I knew the show would be iconic.

The start of the pilot episode gives you a warm feeling, almost a sense of familiarity. It has that same "this premise is going to be about women who live their lives for themselves," much to how I felt watching "Broad City" and "Girls." With the latter already ended and the former coming to its close, I was hoping a new show would come out, and "Shrill" seems to already be hitting more nails on the head.

Spoiler alerts ahead.

In the first episode, we see Aidy take on topics that are heavy, controversial and very transparent in nature.

First and foremost, she talks about her body image issues and how it plays a role in her relationships. Because of her plus-sized figure, she explained how she always used it to scrutinize every aspect of her life. How because she was always bigger, she felt the need to prove herself in other ways, like being constantly kind, giving and nice to everyone around her. Don't get me wrong, these are great attributes to have, but she realized that by constantly making sure everyone around her was happy, she lost herself in the process.

She stopped standing up for herself out of fear of creating a wake for other people. She stopped demanding more for her worth and settled for what could be good. And she stopped seeing herself as a person worthy of anything real outside of her weight. Her body constantly played a role in her choices and became shackles holding her down from making true actions throughout her life.

We see her ask for a job promotion and get humiliated in the process. It's not till the end of the episode when she realizes her worth that she begins to fight for herself, her goals and her future.

In the midst of it all is a man who she sleeps with and clearly wants more from him. She felt that because she had a man want her, she needed to do everything in her power to keep him around, which included allowing him to have sex with her without protection. In the process, she didn't realize that Plan B pills aren't applicable to anyone over 175 lbs and got pregnant as a result of it.

What a brave woman that Aidy Bryant is. Because also in this first episode, her character has an abortion as a way of claiming her truth and womanhood. She made a decision to terminate her pregnancy, and in this day and age of politics, that will absolutely come with its fair share of backlash.

But instead of the abortion being clueless, haste or uneducated, she shares the experience from an authentic perspective. She talks about claiming back her life and how she didn't have the procedure for anyone other than herself.

I can already hear pro-life advocates screaming at their TVs calling her selfish and inconsiderate of the baby, but what's impressive to me is that Aidy didn't care to go into more detail. In the show, she didn't feel the need to plead her case. She simply said it was for herself, and left it at that. With an understanding friend and supportive family, she knew it was all she needed to get through. I'm sure women everywhere felt the depth of this answer or lack thereof.

Without spoiling too much, we see her come to terms with tormentors in her life: her weight, the lack of respect from the man she sleeps with and the absurdity of the woman/trainer who pushes the narrative that in order to be a respectable human Aidy must lose weight.

It was a standard pilot episode in the archetypical timeline of it all: Woman has issues; woman has major life lesson; woman changes her perspective and the show kicks off to really begin in episode two. Although I've seen this plotline before, the actual content this one carries has me drawn in and eager to watch more. I'm curious to know what other hard-hitting topics the show will introduce in its 6 episodes, and I plan on writing a season recap/reaction to it all in the end.

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