The Most Magical Place

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

From the day you start packing up your camping gear Monday morning feeling completely exhausted and liberated, all you can think about is the countdown till next year. A countdown to reuniting with friends and music, and of course the beautiful forest itself. If you haven’t already realized what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the most magical place you will ever wander upon, Electric Forest. The land of electronic music, hippies, wanderlust souls, and the most love I could possibly feel from thousands of strangers.

Electric Forest is something from a dream, a place you didn’t know existed and couldn’t possibly be true. Every year thousands of hippies and bass heads come together to listen to our favorite music. A place to all be family. A place to find so much love and acceptance to one another. A place where no matter who you are or where you are at in life it doesn’t matter. It’s all about one thing, and that’s loving the people around you while listening to some of the best music.

There is just something about being surrounded by nature at an event like this, which is why it will forever be my favorite music festival. The people who put the time into creating this magical place do not get enough credit. From the entrance of entering the famous Sherwood Forest, to all the mysterious decorations randomly placed throughout the forest. Every day walking through the forest I would stumble upon new things I haven’t seen before.

When you are at the forest, it’s all about wandering. Never plan things except for maybe a few of your favorite sets. Other than that, I suggest just going with the flow. I will never forget one night when I was just wandering through the trees, meeting new people, hanging in hammocks, I heard music that my ears have never heard before and I loved it. So, what did I do. I followed the music and found the most magical tunes, Desert Dwellers. I couldn’t have been happier to stumble upon them at Electric Forest. I stayed for the entire set, and it was hands down one of the best sets I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s crazy how amazing life can be when you don’t plan things out. The forest does something to people there and when you leave you truly feel changed and more loved. If you ever get the chance to go in your lifetime, I highly suggest you take that chance. You will not regret it!

So, put on your dancing shoes, your hippie sunglasses, your backpack (I promise this will be your prize possession all weekend), and your loving and open heart and just enjoy the beautiful music that talented musicians from all over the world work so hard to give us and be HAPPY!

-Love Red-


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