25 Inexcusably Obnoxious Things People ALWAYS Do In School
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25 Inexcusably Obnoxious Things People ALWAYS Do In School

School's already stressful enough with grades, but oh please, feel free to add on annoying people with their obnoxious habits.

25 Inexcusably Obnoxious Things People ALWAYS Do In School
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Now that school has started, we all have encountered at least one annoying moment in our daily school lives. It's inevitable. People are bound to be annoying. You can't even walk away from them because sometimes you're just stuck in one place with no way around these people. I have faced at least 10 of these obnoxious things that people do on a daily basis. Some of these things I'm also guilty of, but hey, no one's perfect. Everyone has a little bit of annoying in themselves. Which one speaks to you?

1. People who literally get all up in your personal space just to see what you're doing on your phone

I get it. You're curious. But it's honestly none of your business. I don't see your name on my phone. So what gives you the right to look at my phone?

2. People who walk obnoxiously slow in the school hallways while you're trying to rush to class to take a test or quiz

I've seen sloths move faster than you all. At the rate you're going, you'll arrive to your class in the year 3000.

3. People who repeatedly tap their pens, pencils or fingernails on the table or desk — even after being told to stop

We get it. You can't stay still. But tap it on your legs or something because you're seriously bothering me while I'm taking my quiz.

4. People who love to argue with other people

It's honestly so annoying. Don't you ever want to take a break, and just say, "I agree with you?"

5. People who have a big ego to the point it's obnoxious

When you start to act like you're superior and better than anyone in the world, you start to become annoying. And in my opinion, it's very rude to think you're better than everyone. Confidence is great, but arrogance is just plain rude.

6. People who come to school sick.

(I'm guilty of this). But honestly, it's best if you just stay home so that way no one else will get sick. It's really disgusting if you're sneezing or coughing all over people. It's natural to do so, but it's best if you stay at home so you won't make others sick.

7. People who chew with their mouths open.

Please don't. I really don't want to see that you're having a great time munching on your hamburger.

8. People who answer your SOS text too late

It's called SOS for a reason. By the time you reply, my emergency is already solved.

9. People who pick their nose right in front of you

I love that you have confidence, and don't care about what others think, but it's just not really hygienic to be picking your nose right in front of me. It's kind of nasty.

10. People who push or shove you in the halls to get past you.

You don't have to be so aggressive. If you said "excuse me," I totally would've let you go in front of me.

11. People who butt into your personal conversation with someone else.

Who told you that you can butt in and listen in on my personal conversation?

12. People who don't cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing

Please, oh my gosh, please keep your germs away from me. I have to be healthy in order to do well in school and go to school.

13. People who repetitively ask the same question

Shut up.

14. People who never listen to the instructions and later ends up asking a question

Do you not have ears?

15. People who scream in the cafeteria.

Please shut up. Lunch is my "me time."

16. People who stop in the middle of the crowded hallway just to wait for their friend

Please move. There's such a huge gap and I'm suffocating back here. Your friend can catch up. It's not hard.

17. People who are always late to any event

Oh no, you weren't that late. *Checks watch.* Only 3 hours late!

18. People who put their gum under the desks and you're the one who discovers it when putting your hand underneath the desk

Ew. One thousand times ew.

19. People who purposely ditch class to avoid taking a test just to find out the answers from other people

Oka, one: this goes against honor code. Two: you've reached such a low point. Are you really that desperate?

20. People who repetitively cough, sneeze or sniffle during an exam

"Okay so I just have to add 4 to this equation..." *achoo*

"What was I going to do again? Oh, I remember!" *cough cough* "I don't remember..."

Please stop. I can't think straight when there are so many distractions.

21. People who waste class time just to crack some stupid jokes

I mean like the longer you waste class time, the less time I'll be able to get a head start on my homework tonight.

22. People who always ask you how was the test or quiz then proceed to ask you what some of the questions were.

That's honor code violation, and please stop bothering me. I don't want to get in trouble, and um, why would I help you? I studied my butt off.

23. People who seek attention in class in the most obnoxious ways

For example, girls who wear high heels and stomps around in class in the most obnoxiously loud way. Or when people loudly close the door in the middle of class.

24. People who stretch by bending their back practically 90 degrees

Your arms can probably reach the desk behind mine so imagine how much your arms and hair are taking up my personal space during class.

25. People who go to the bathroom before a quiz, causing the teacher to wait for them to return to pass out the quiz

Now everyone has less than 10 minutes to work on his or her quiz, because you needed to go to the bathroom when you could've gone before class started. Instead, you were talking with your friends.

This article is solely for the purpose of entertainment. Sentences are meant to express more irritation to be more relatable to the readers. People have their annoying habits, but each and every person is unique and amazing in their own way. Also, let's face it; sometimes we are the people in this listicle, so just have fun and enjoy!

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