11 Morning Tips If You Like To Sleep In As Late As Possible
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11 Morning Tips For The Girl Who Likes To Sleep In As Late As Possible

Want to have your rushed morning down to a science?

11 Morning Tips For The Girl Who Likes To Sleep In As Late As Possible

Is someone in your family that person who snoozes every. single. alarm? Is your roommate one of those people who sets six or seven alarms just to sleep though all of them? (Surprise, it's me. I'm that person).

I really do envy those people who can wake up and get out of bed with just one alarm. However, I know myself enough to know that I am not a morning person whatsoever. So, I put together a little guide that has helped me when I'm rushing around in the morning.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Have a routine or schedule.

The more you do something, the stronger the habit becomes. Sticking to a morning routine is extremely important for this reason! You don't want to spend any extra time or energy thinking about your next move. Having a routine or schedule in the back of your mind should ease your stress during those early hours.

2. Get the app "Waze" so you can check traffic and know your arrival time.


Waze is the ultimate app for directions, traffic updates, live traffic maps, and alerts. This app even gives you the option to reroute if it finds a faster way! Since it accounts for traffic, it's perfect for those early mornings when you're trying to beat the morning rush hour traffic. The arrival time is always spot on (at least for me) so I check it every morning when I wake up.

3. Check the weather the night before.


Checking the weather is imperative for a couple of reasons. Will the weather determine the shoes you'll wear? Will you need an umbrella? Will you need to leave a bit earlier than normal? If you check the weather the night before, you'll have more answers when you wake up in the morning.

4. Have a couple of go-to outfits.


You don't need to physically lay out these outfits (middle school me would like to argue that) but it helps to have a couple of neutral, go-to outfits. If you wake up later than normal, having a classic, go-to dress is perfect for work.

5. Use dry-shampoo or wash your hair at night.


Although it can be a pain to go to bed with wet hair, I personally would rather deal with this than tame my mess of a mane in the morning! Dry shampoo is also a great option for those mornings when you wake up to find that your hair is greasier than expected. My favorite is by Dove!

6. Use a Keurig or coffee machine with a timer.


A lot of people are against Keurig coffee makers because the plastic K-Cups are not exactly great for the environment. With that being said, there are alternative K-Cups on the market! This option can be quick, easy, and sustainable if done right. Check out this article for more information on eco-friendly K-Cups.

7. Meal prep.


Instead of spending time eating breakfast, I like to grab a granola bar and eat it on the go. My go-to choice is a LaraBar because there are only a handful of ingredients in them and they keep me full until lunch!

As far as lunch goes, make sure you pack it the night before. If you buy lunch at school or work, make sure you always have some money set out or already in your wallet so you don't forget.

You can also take meal prepping to the next level and do it every Sunday night, that way you are ready when the busy week hits.

8. Lay your makeup out beforehand.


Instead of rummaging through your vanity or cosmetic bag, lay out the essentials! We're trying to take advantage of every minute here, people!

9. Have your bag or purse packed the night before.


Chances are, if I'm not packed the night before, I'll end up forgetting something.

10. Keep your life organized.


People say the state of your room or house is a representation of your headspace. For me, this could not be more accurate! When my room's a mess, my mind feels extremely cluttered by anxious thoughts, but as soon as I tidy it up, it feels like a weight off my shoulders.

Life is easier when you live simply! It's easier to think, sort through your closet, and last but certainly not least, find your keys.

11. Make sure you *actually* get enough sleep for maximum efficiency.


I mean, let's be real. There's a reason why I hit snooze roughly seven or eight times - I'm exhausted in the mornings! But getting more sleep is key if you want to wake up feeling refreshed. With your body refreshed and your mind awake, you'll be guaranteed to have that rushed morning routine down to a science.

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