theres more than just the ship sinking

There's More Than The Ship Sinking

What if we all stopped being so stubborn, and started trying new things? Maybe it could be fun?


"Please watch this movie (listen to this song, watch this show, come to this restaurant, try this food, etc.) with me. Just give it a chance, maybe you'll like it. Please?" This a monologue, sometimes a soliloquy, that I too often find myself preaching to my sister, my friends, or anyone with a pulse really. I beg people I care about to watch or try or listen to some seemingly hidden gem I found, a hilarious standup special, a matcha green tea latte with coconut milk, and am always getting less than desirable results.

Last December, for the 20th anniversary of the release of Titanic, I went to see the iconic film in theaters. I had always said I loved Titanic, when in reality I saw it when I was ten-ish, was terrified, somewhat grossed out, and vowed to never watch it again. As a teenager I decided it was time to grow up and watch the movie I had been dreading to watch, so I added it to my Netflix list and decided I would watch it when I was, quote, "in the mood." However, conveniently, the "right mood" never presented itself. However, as a young adult, seeing the iconic poster of young Leo and young Kate, and with my calendar showing a rare blank weekend staring me directly in the face, I decided now was definitely time to grow up and watch the movie. And I am beyond happy that I did, because I am now completely in love with it.

I told my sister that there were so many parts we forgot, so much more to the movie than the ship sinking, I begged her to watch it, and she never has. For over a year now she's said she's "not in the right mood," and I can't help but shudder, because I have accidentally trained her to say that. It's like a time travel movie where I'm battling myself from the past. Like in Avengers Endgame when 2019 Captain America, battles the 2012 Captain America from the first Avengers movie. I set myself up for this, and I have no idea how to undo it.

She has still not watched Titanic, and I have given up trying to convince her to. Since then I have attempted to get her to watch Moulin Rouge (a film that also haunted us in our youth), and John Mulany stand-up specials, amongst other things I am certainty forgetting.

It's so silly to get into little arguments about something so seemingly unimportant like a movie or a blended coffee beverage. But it's not even really about the show or movie or whatever i'm trying to get someone to try, the reason I want them to try it so badly is because I genuinely think they will enjoy it, maybe even love it. To know someone is missing out of something they could love because of stubbornness is agonizingly painful. I think it may be because I do the same thing constantly. I am one of the most stubborn people I know, and although I clearly recognize the unflattering quality in myself, I'm far too stubborn to change it.

Maybe if I seen other people try new things I'll learn from them and grow less stubborn too. Or maybe I just want someone to watch a specific show so I have someone to talk about something like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with. Whatever the reason, what if we all agree to try new things, especially if it's as harmless as watching a movie or trying a latte. Perhaps we'll all be better off for it.

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