Montclair State University Welcomes New Gender-Inclusive Greek Organization

Montclair State University Welcomes New Gender-Inclusive Greek Organization

Montclair continues to be a progressive campus with the addition of an LGBTQ organization!

On October 27, Theta Delta Sigma was voted onto the Montclair State University campus by a unanimous vote from the Greek Council. This marks not only the first New Jersey chapter of Theta Delta Sigma, but also the first Queer-focused Greek Organization at Montclair State.

As a National organization, Theta Delta Sigma strives to “make diversity the rule, instead of the exception.” They do this through ensuring all types of diversity in each of their 13 chapters and colonies, which span all the way from Virginia to Vermont. The organization’s most recent demographics tout 70 plus cultures and nationalities, all major religions, and several different gender identities and sexualities amongst their members.

On Montclair State University’s campus, Theta Delta Sigma was discovered by a group of students living in the Stonewall Suites, an LGBTQ living community. The students, who range from freshmen to juniors, decided that they wanted “more than just a club.” They got together and presented their idea to Brian Edwards, the Coordinator of the LGBTQ Center, who was incredibly excited to work with them and move forward. The students researched several national organizations and eventually uncovered Theta Delta Sigma. For many, the “Siblinghood” provided by Theta Delta Sigma is ideal because it provides them with a tight-knit family while using gender-inclusive terminology. The founding members state that they feel the “inclusive Siblinghood will be imperative in providing the support needed to make sure [their] college careers are successful as well as the rest of [their] lives.”

Future Colony President, Kelsea Rowan, states “personally, it’s really important to have a gender-inclusive organization because I do feel like my identity is better recognized through the language of Theta Delta Sigma, not just my gender expression. Because I’m a part of the LGBTQ community, my friend base has always been diverse and this organization has made it so going forward, my family will be just as diverse, if not more!”

After working with both Brian Edwards and Emily Cordero, the Coordinator for Greek Life, the dedicated students contacted the national office of Theta Delta Sigma. Through in-person meetings and many emails, they were given the okay to make their formal presentation in front of the entire Greek Council.

Under the supervision and direction of Emily Cordero, Brian Edwards, who will serve as their campus advisor, and their National representatives, the organization will spend one year as a colony. Through this, they will learn the proverbial ropes of Greek Life and will work to co-sponsor events and establish their presence on campus. In October 2016, the colony will have the opportunity to be considered for a full charter.

While Montclair State currently houses two gender-inclusive organizations, Alpha Phi Omega and Phi Sigma Pi, as well as countless other organizations within the Greek Community who are LGBTQ-friendly, Theta Delta Sigma will be the first organization with a primarily LGBTQ focus. The colony plans to focus their philanthropic work on local youth shelters, specifically those that house homeless LGBTQ children and teenagers.

This past year, Montclair was listed on the Campus Pride Top 25 LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges & Universities list. Following that, it seems only natural that MSU would extend this widespread inclusion to Greek Life.

For more information, email or like “Theta Delta Sigma at Montclair State University” on Facebook.

Cover Image Credit: Montclair State University Greek Life

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You give her everything

They say that any male can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad. That dads are just the people that created the child, so to speak, but rather, dads raise their children to be the best they can be. Further, when you give a little girl a dad, you give her much more than a father; you give her the world in one man.

When you give a girl a dad, you give her a rock.

Life is tough, and life is constantly changing directions and route. In a world that's never not moving, a girl needs something stable. She needs something that won't let her be alone; someone that's going to be there when life is going great, and someone who is going to be there for her when life is everything but ideal. Dads don't give up on this daughters, they never will.

When you give a girl a dad, you give her a role model.

If we never had someone to look up to, we would never have someone to strive to be. When you give a little girl someone to look up to, you give her someone to be. We copy their mannerisms, we copy their habits, and we copy their work ethic. Little girls need someone to show them the world, so that they can create their own.

When you give a girl a dad, you give her the first boy she will ever love.

And I'm not really sure someone will ever be better than him either. He's the first guy to take your heart, and every person you love after him is just a comparison to his endless, unmatchable love. He shows you your worth, and he shows you what your should be treated like: a princess.

When you give a girl a dad, you give her someone to make proud.

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8 Types Of People Fetuses Grow Into That 'Pro-Lifers' Don't Give 2.5 Shits About

It is easy to fight for the life of someone who isn't born, and then forget that you wanted them to be alive when you decide to hate their existence.


For those in support of the #AbortionBans happening all over the United States, please remember that the unborn will not always be a fetus — he or she may grow up to be just another person whose existence you don't support.

The fetus may grow up to be transgender — they may wear clothes you deem "not for them" and identify in a way you don't agree with, and their life will mean nothing to you when you call them a mentally unstable perv for trying to use the bathroom.

The fetus may grow up to be gay — they may find happiness and love in the arms of someone of the same gender, and their life will mean nothing to you when you call them "vile" and shield your children's eyes when they kiss their partner.

The fetus may grow up and go to school — to get shot by someone carrying a gun they should have never been able to acquire, and their life will mean nothing to you when your right to bear arms is on the line.

The fetus may be black — they may wear baggy pants and "look like a thug", and their life will mean nothing to you when you defend the police officer who had no reason to shoot.

The fetus may grow up to be a criminal — he might live on death row for a heinous crime, and his life will mean nothing to you when you fight for the use of lethal injection to end it.

The fetus may end up poor — living off of a minimum wage job and food stamps to survive, and their life will mean nothing to you when they ask for assistance and you call them a "freeloader" and refuse.

The fetus may end up addicted to drugs — an experimentation gone wrong that has led to a lifetime of getting high and their life will mean nothing to you when you see a report that they OD'd and you make a fuss about the availability of Narcan.

The fetus may one day need an abortion — from trauma or simply not being ready, and her life will mean nothing to you as you wave "murderer" and "God hates you" signs as she walks into the office for the procedure.

* * *

Do not tell me that you are pro-life when all of the above people could lose their lives in any way OUTSIDE of abortion and you wouldn't give 2.5 shits.

You fight for the baby to be born, but if he or she is gay or trans, you will berate them for who they are or not support them for who they love.

You fight for the baby to be born, but if he or she is poor or addicted, you will refuse the help they desperately need or consider their death a betterment of society.

You fight for the baby to be born, but when the used-to-be-classroom-of-fetuses is shot, you care more about your access to firearms than their lives.

It is easy to pretend you care about someone before they are even born, and easy to forget their birth was something you fought for when they are anything other than what you consider an ideal person.

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