9 Monica Geller Quotes For Your Best Friend Who Thinks Their 3.9 GPA Is Trash

Monica Geller from "Friends" is the over organized, super clean, smart character. She drives her friends insane some days, but at the end of the day they love her. Monica probably reminds you of the person in your friend group with the highest GPA. If you're that person, you could probably related to these quotes from Monica.

1. When you do the craziest things for extra credit: "Fine! Judge all you want to."

Of course we will do the silliest things for extra credit, even if we already have an A in the class.

2. When you have trouble in social situations because you're book smart, not street smart: "OK, I'm not getting this."

3. Because you have matured quicker than your friends: "Welcome to the real world! It sucks but you are gonna love it!"

Disciplining yourself to complete your school work thoroughly on top of your other priorities has helped you to mature a lot quicker than your friends.

4. When you don't go out past 9pm on a school night: "Rules are good! Rules help control the fun!"

Because you have a strict bedtime when it's a school night.

5. When your roommate goes through your desk to find a pencil: "Why is everything different?"

Along with that GPA comes extreme organization of your school supplies. You can instantly tell when someone messes with your school supplies.

6. When your friends say they aren't going to study for their upcoming exam: "Why would someone do that?"

7. When you get a 100% on an exam: "I don't think I could do it again."

But who are you kidding? You could probably do that again if you study day and night again.

8. Because you won awards from perfect attendance to excellent organization skills: "I mean, I have won awards for my organizational skills."

9. When you have the highest GPA in your friend group: "Have you ever had something everyone wants?"

Because everyone wants my GPA but does not want to put in the work.

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