Best Moment's From The Winter Finale Of "Teen Wolf"
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Best Moment's From The Winter Finale Of "Teen Wolf"

I'm 100% "Teen Wolf" Trash and it's time everyone knew

Best Moment's From The Winter Finale Of "Teen Wolf"

I'm going to be real with everyone, I'm 100% over everything. School sucks, work sucks, Odyssey sucks, and the government sucks the most. Even Iam over writing yet another post about politics (my relatives and conservative friends are probably thrilled). So I decided to take a break from all of the bad things and write about something that always makes me happy: "Teen Wolf". It's my favorite show, and the mid-season finale was one of the greatest episodes ever. Take a break from the shitshow that is 2017 and read about the top 15 moments of the winter finale.

15. Mr. Douglas went away

In the words of Peter Hale, no one likes a Nazi. I love when a villain gets what's coming to them, and seeing Mr. Douglas get turned into a Ghost Rider was great (Even though it was gross).

14. Liam and Theo

This is like a slightly dark buddy comedy, Liam and Theo don't really like each other but constantly have to work together. Theo is devious and broody, while Liam is perpetually confused and goofy.

13. The return of the bat

Everyone knows that Stiles' weapon of choice is a baseball bat. Eventually he passes the bat down to Mason, another human in a supernatural pack. But there was no better way to bring Stiles back then to have him hit the big time villain with his trusty bat.

12. Stiles' sarcasm

Stiles' other defense tactic is sarcasm, and his sass was truly missed this season. "Teen Wolf" has gotten progressively darker each season, and a little Stilinski humor is always needed to ease the tension.

11. Liam/Mason and Scott/Stiles parallels

They're kind of the Walmart version of Scott and Stiles but you gotta love them. It was super cute to see the boys pass the torch to the younger generation of Beacon Hills.

10. Theo survived

I know Theo was the villain for a majority of the last season, but I was so happy that he didn't get torn apart by Ghost Riders. I think it's because I love a good "redeemed bad guy story", or it could be because Cody Christian is super duper attractive. But either way, it was great to see how much his character changed.

9. Scott's pack

Scott's pack has changed a lot throughout the seasons (RIP Allison and where tf is Isaac). This may have been the B team (plus Malia who's a badass), but they still managed to beat the Ghost Riders and stop the train coming to destroy the town.

8. Malia and Peter's dynamic

Father and daughter finally had an emotional moment and I was so here for it. I love Peter (for the same reasons as Theo) and his relationship with Malia really added something to both of their characters.


Scott and Stiles have been BFFs forever, and it was nice to see the 2 OGs back together.

6. Argent and Melissa's kiss

I was totally on team "Sheriff and Melissa" but then here comes Chris Argent bringing her coffee and now it's like "Sheriff who?" This was surprising but I'm so for this. Plus, it started with a McCall and Argent, and it seems like it's going to end with one. Like Goddamn.

5. Stiles and Scott's reunion

SO.CUTE. Anyone who's been separated from their best friend for a while knows the sheer joy you feel when you finally get to see them again. This scene gave me feels for my BFF, which was one of the reasons it was so emotional.

4. Everyone (almost) got into college

Technically Malia's fate is unknown (she's in summer school so we'll have to wait and see what happens). But the rest of the gang still managed to graduate and go off to achieve their dreams. Even though it's weird that Stiles and Lydia are going to schools on the COMPLETE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE COUNTRY AS SCOTT, it was still exciting.

3. Stiles and the Sherrif's reunion

Again with the feels "Teen Wolf", why must you do this? When the Sheriff finally remembered Stiles I was a puddle of emotions, and ever since I've been waiting for the two get reunited. This scene was perfect, and when Sheriff kept saying "I found you" I was a mess.

2. The beginning and end parallels

I kind of got the chills during this part. The show started with 2 idiots looking for a body in the woods, and that's how it ended. It was super cool (even though I panicked and thought that it was actually the series finally) and made me feel nostalgic to the good old days of "Teen Wolf".

1. Stiles and Lydia's kiss

*high pitched screaming* GUYS. I could go on for days about how amazing this was. Lydia admitted she's been in love with Stiles for 5ever and FINALLY they were reunited and this happened. I'm still screaming. It was the best thing to ever happen in television history.


EEP. <3 <3 Basically this episode was perfect and the only way it could have gotten better was if Derek Hale came back.

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