28 Thoughts I Had Writing My Maid Of Honor Speech

28 Thoughts I Had Writing My Maid Of Honor Speech

Being a Maid of Honor is pretty stressful, OK?

Rachel Sowinski

My sister got married this weekend.

It feels unreal, mainly because they’ve been together for six years and there was never a time that I didn’t see him as a brother figure. But now it’s official! And I couldn’t be more proud to be their younger sibling (even if only by marriage).

So here’s the deal, I was my sister Maid of Honor, which means I had to give a speech at the wedding toasting their love and future happiness, you know all that good stuff! It. Is. Hard. There is so much to say and you don’t know how to word it and obviously you and your sibling have a ton of inside jokes. You need to decide what’s appropriate and what is better left unsaid.

Without further ado, I give you: My thoughts while writing my toast.

1. Wedding is a week away!!

2. Ohmygod the wedding is a week away!

3. I haven’t written my speech.

4. I’ll write it right now, how hard could it be?!

5. Ooookay…what should be in this?

6. I’ll just check on pinterest real quick…


8. Let’s start of simple…”Hi everyone…my…name…is…Rachel.”

9. Great start, great start.

10. Know what would go well with this? Wine.

11. Aaaand there is no wine.

12. Why is the wine gone?

13. Hahahahah I should watch "Pirates of the Caribbean".

14. Focus, Rachel!

15. I guess I should talk about our relationship growing up…

16. Hold up, most people there won’t know our background.

17. Guess I should add that in…

18. …this is flowing.

19. Keep this up and we’ll be done in no time!

20. I must mention the Spice Girls.

21. Oh boy, oh boy, gotta talk about the first time I met HIM.

22. I feel like I’m rambling.

23. I hope people don’t fall asleep!

24. I hope I don’t cry…

25) …naw you’re not emotional, you won’t cry.

26. The best way to finish is for sure with a Bridesmaids quote.

27. “Raise your glasses to the couple OF the decade…”

28. Perfect, I’m awesome and it wasn’t even that difficult.

For the record, I ended up writing about a page, memorized it, and then cried while giving my speech to the point at which I said into the microphone “I think I’m going to stop here” because my voice was becoming too high pitched for people to listen to in my opinion. Plus I couldn’t stop crying…so there was that. So much for not being an emotional person.

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