We hear the word modesty all the time. But how come when we think of modesty, we think of long drabby skirts and turtlenecks. Why are we so stuck on the idea that modesty has to be so prim and old-fashioned and boring? Why do we toss it aside like its some old traditional religious view of fashion? Because the reality is...modesty is so much more.

Modesty is self-control and self-empowerment. It's you claiming that your value as a human is not something to be taken lightly. And as a result, you use fashion to enhance that already intrinsic human value. Modesty doesn't degrade, it doesn't sell short, it doesn't scream for attention.

As a fit college athlete, modesty isn't always something that comes easy. You start to think to yourself, "well I have nice toned legs...and I probably won't have them why not where the shorter skirt this once? It's just college right?" I can guarantee you there was never a time that I dressed modestly and regretted it. But there have been plenty of times when I've dressed to "show off" or to "flaunt what you got" and I've regretted it every single time. Why? Because I felt less than. I put myself in clothes that didn't uphold my worth. Instead, they drew attention away from my value as Megan Aaron, to what my body has to offer to the world.

Imagine if modesty became a word of empowerment? Imagine if girls grew up with that knowledge? The inspiration and encouragement that dressing modestly is an act of self-empowerment and confidence. What a different world we would live in. There would be such a new form of self-expression through fashion that we have never seen. Instead of basing one's confidence in fitting in with the crowd of short shorts, one's confidence would come from within and their fashion would only enhance it.

Modesty is no longer a thing of the Victorian past. It's a bold statement of self-control, confidence, worth, and empowerment. And it's a trend that never goes out of style.

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