Imma be clear, this is not a suicidal letter.

Ice Cream And Suicide is the name of a poetry book that I got for my birthday from one of my closest friends. (She was also the one who gave me the coloring book.)

The day she asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I casually said a poetry book. Thus her search for a good poetry book began. We spent a good thirty minutes going through Amazon looking at options. In the end, Ice Cream and Suicide was chosen.

While reading the book, I was transported into the mind and soul of the author. In his book, Jack Ray pours melancholy, bitterness, and sadness in a golden goblet encrusted with precious stones and crystals.

Throughout this emotional journey, I not only learned about the heartbreaking adventure the author went through before writing this book, I, somehow, became aware that there were still demons I hadn't let go of. Through some of these empowering poems, I was able to find a release I didn't know I needed.

I think it would be selfish if I didn't share some of the amazing pieces found in this book, so I decided to share them with you today.

"Stay Determined"

Keep pushing forward,
So one day you can take
A look behind you
See all the ones
Who've ever wronged you
And scream
"Fuck you too"

"Don't Forget To Leave a Tip"

There's not much difference
Between fire and ice.
Both share the same hue of yellow with gold.
Both lean and selfish to the user.
They each deliver death through burns,
And the lucky survivors might even
scar for a lifetime.
I could only imagine the agony of it all.

Yet both are essential to our life.
And of course by that I mean
They give us a choice of
How we want our coffee to be served
Hot or iced, yet still one and the same.
You're gonna get your coffee either way
And Lord knows
That coffee's gonna kill you.

"Plan B"

Say it with me...
I am strong.
I am good enough.
I will never be
Someone's backup plan.

To be fairly honest, these were some of the empowering ones. Most of the poems in this book are really depressing, and I didn't want to show them because I didn't want you to think that I am a suicidal shit... Which I definitely ain't.