The 'Modern Family' Character Your Zodiac Sign Predicts You're Most Like
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The 'Modern Family' Character Your Zodiac Sign Predicts You're Most Like

Are you Cam Tucker or Manny Delgado?

The 'Modern Family' Character Your Zodiac Sign Predicts You're Most Like

We all know and love the characters from "Modern Family," and each one brings something unique, funny, and interesting to the show. Their distinct personalities all correspond with the 12 zodiac signs, so find out about who you, your friends, and your family are like based on your zodiac signs!

1. Aquarius - Cam Tucker

Like Cam, your emotions can get the best of you and interfere with your ability to think logically. You are a good listener who likes to help others and are passionate about fighting for what you believe in. You don’t like when people disagree with you and often try to get others to see things from your point of view.

2. Pisces - Manny Delgado

Like Manny, you are very compassionate and mature. People enjoy being around you because of your creativity and gentle personality. However, your desire to escape reality can cause you to act sneaky and get you into trouble.

3. Aries - Phil Dunphy

Like Phil, you are a confident and enthusiastic person who is passionate about what you do. You enjoy physical challenges like sports and can get very competitive when doing so. However, you often act impulsively which negatively impacts you and the way others perceive your actions and decisions.

4. Taurus - Alex Dunphy

Like Alex, you are very practical, responsible, devoted, and reliable. You take everything very seriously and aren’t afraid of hard work. You should be aware that your strong-minded personality can make you act very sarcastically toward others, causing you come across as a stubborn and possessive person who is unwilling to make compromises.

5. Gemini - Luke Dunphy

Like Luke, you are curious, sociable, and fun to be around. You have skills in many different areas and are extremely flexible. You want to experience all the world has to offer and are always doing the unexpected, causing people to constantly laugh in your presence.

6. Cancer - Gloria Pritchett

Like Gloria, you are very emotional, sympathetic, and persuasive. Your sensitivity and loyalty are your best qualities and you are always putting others before yourself. You often become suspicious of those you love out of care and can be manipulative in order to try to protect them.

7. Leo - Haley Dunphy

Like Haley, you are very creative, dramatic, and humorous. Your self-confidence helps you achieve your life goals and doesn’t allow other people to bring you down. You are generous and loyal to your friends and family, but can also be self-centered, stubborn and lazy.

8. Virgo - Mitchell Pritchett

Like Mitchell, you are very loyal, practical, and hardworking. However, this causes you to worry often and be over-critical of yourself and others. You pay attention to detail and don’t like when things are out of routine or order. You sometimes have trouble asking others for help, as you like things done precisely your way.

9. Libra - Jay Pritchett

Like Jay, you often end up giving in to others in order to keep the peace. You always try to stay true to yourself and find relationships to be important. You may come across as a tough person who is not very emotional on the outside, but deep down, you are caring and always look out for the ones you love.

10. Scorpio - Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Like Lily, you are very passionate and determined. You always know the inside scoop and find satisfaction in being right. You are full of personality and humor, making people naturally gravitate toward you. You can also have a tough side and tease other people, as well as be deceitful and mistrusting when you want to be.

11. Sagittarius - Joe Pritchett

Like Joe, some people are still trying to figure you out. You can be very generous, but this leads you to offer more than you can deliver. Similar to toddlers, you enjoy your freedom and have a great sense of humor. Your open-mindedness and idealistic personality drive your curiosity, but you can also be very impatient and intense.

12. Capricorn - Claire Dunphy

Like Claire, you are a responsible and disciplined person who is good at managing many different things at once. You like to make plans and appreciate when others follow them but can come off as overly demanding and controlling. Your big heart and great self-control are admired by many.

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