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Mizzou Alternative Breaks (MAB) is a student-run, student-led university organization that sends students all around Missouri and the United States for various length volunteer trips. I can confidently say that MAB was one of the best parts of my college experience. After midterms, every college student typically dreams of relaxing on the beach with a few drinks or going home to reunite with their pets, but MAB volunteers continue their hard work ethic and drive from schoolwork towards serving others all around the United States. Hopefully, these reasons encourage you to join Mizzou's next MAB trip with whatever focus group your heart desires.

It expands your view on different communities 

MAB trips take you to many locations around the country and allow you to meet different kinds of people from all sorts of communities.

Introduces you to a ton of new people 

Not only do you get to meet other incredible students from Mizzou, but you get to help/met amazing people through your acts of service.

Learn more about serving others 

No other volunteer trip is like MAB! A whole week of service and volunteering, with so many heart whelming outcomes.

Open up to others and have them do the same to you 

Your trip will consist of many different kinds of people, coming from a variety of backgrounds, but all of you will come together throughout our MAB trip and become so close. What a good way to make new friends!

And if none of those convinced you...

It's an awesome resume builder!

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