If You See Someone Mistreating Animals, Say Something
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If You See Someone Mistreating Animals, PLEASE Don't Be Afraid To Call Them Out On It

Our fury friends deserve better.

If You See Someone Mistreating Animals, PLEASE Don't Be Afraid To Call Them Out On It
Makayla Castle

Animals are one of the most precious and innocent blessings that this earth possesses. They love endlessly and will always be there to cheer you up, as long as you are there for them in the first place. However, not everyone treats these wonderful creatures with love and kindness.

Unfortunately, we live in a world nowadays where people will truly go out of their way to bring harm to an animal, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, reptile, etc.

When you abuse an animal, not only do you ruin your own personal image, but you ruin the life of a precious and innocent animal.

If you push a puppy down while it's learning to walk on a leash, you're not helping the pup learn to walk on a leash. Instead, you're teaching the innocent puppy to fear you and other humans that it encounters making it's life miserable. Not only are you ruining this pup's chance at being a loving pet, but you're also ruining the chance of a loving family having the opportunity to love and appreciate him once he gets out of your crumby hands because YOU taught him to fear.

When you neglect an animal from the necessities such as food and water, you're teaching it to starve, not to fend for itself. How would you like it if you were leashed on a three-foot chain with no food and water? Chances are you would be crying and whimpering, too.

Try living a day in their life. You would miserable. Just like them.

With an animal comes years of commitment and love that an owner should be able to handle.

You shouldn't get an animal solely to celebrate a holiday like Christmas, Easter, a birthday, etc. You shouldn't get an animal just because you happened to be at PetSmart during an adoption fair. You shouldn't get an animal because your neighbor has one. You shouldn't get an animal only to forget about them once the “newness" wears off. Animals/pets require commitment, hard work, and love. You should only get an animal when you're ready to make that however many years of commitment. You're their owner, first love, favorite hello, and hardest goodbye, not their master or who they shall fear.

In the end, animals don't deserve this type of treatment. They never intended to hurt but only to love.

Animals come with this amazing trait that they already possess and never have to learn...love. But, they can unlearn that trait. Quick.

Animals are not born mean. People are mean and teach their animals to be mean.

So, to the animal abuser,

I'm here to tell you that yes, I see you and yes, I will say something about it.

Also, you're an a**hole.

I will never be able to understand how someone has the nerve and courage to hurt an innocent animal that has nothing but good intentions. Animals love their humans unconditionally and are always beyond excited to greet them after a long day, cheer them up when they're down, or to be your shadow. Tail wagging, jumping from pure joy and wanting all of your attention because they love you.

Sadly, I have witnessed animal mistreatment/abuse first hand both in my hometown and out in about.

Animals, primarily domestic, are completely helpless. They rely on us to help them eat, drink, love and overall live. They depend on us, and if you treat them like crap, you deserve that same treatment back from both animals and humans.

Bottom line is, if someone is incapable of loving and treating an animal with kindness, how could they ever love and treat another human with kindness?

So please, I am begging you, if you ever witness someone abusing or neglecting an animal, SPEAK UP. Don't be afraid to call animal control, a local humane society, police department, or confront the individual personally. Animals deserve nothing but the best. They love us unconditionally so it is time for us to return the favor and protect their precious beings.

Be the voice for our animals that they lack and remember, there's a special place in hell for those who mistreat animals.

Of course, I will call out your wrongdoings — and I hope you do too.

Be their voice.

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