12 Reasons I Love Missoula, Montana.
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12 Reasons I Love Missoula, Montana.

Missoula will always be home to me.

12 Reasons I Love Missoula, Montana.
Destination Missoula

I grew up in the wonderful town of Missoula. This town is as close t perfect as I could imagine and it is the town that raised me to be who I am. I was molded and formed in this city. My personality was shaped by the corkiness of this place. They say home is where the heart is and a huge part of my heart is in Missoula for so many reasons.

1. Zootown Church

Zootown Church is the first church that I have actually really wanted to go to because I truly feel welcome and not judged for who I am. This is saying a lot considering I grew up in a Christian environment. I am so thankful my Young Life Leaders invited me to come to church with them as a senior in high school. This church truly has a heart for the community and the people in it.

2. Local Coffee Shops

I have talked about my love for coffee shops many times before. I stinking love coffee shops even though coffee is not always my favorite thing. No one makes better cider than a local coffee shop. Each coffee shop has a different vibe about it.

3. Shopping local is something that is encouraged.

Local places make me so happy. When people shop local they are giving back to the local economy. They are also getting a product which is authentic. Some of my local shops are the Trail Head, Rockin' Rudy's, and Edge of The World.

4. Authentic Food

There are so many local places that serve the best food. Bridge Pizza, Market on Front, and Paul's Pancake Parlor are some of my favorites just to name a few.

5. Big Dipper Ice Cream

Personally I think ice cream should be its own food group on the food pyrimid, but other people seem to disagree. Big Dipper ice cream is my favorite summer hangout and I am not the only one who thinks this because the line is around the block most of the time, even in the dead of winter.

6. Farmers Markets

Missoula has many farmers markets. The two main ones are downtown in the summer time along with the peoples market. All the venders are local. The Saturday Farmers Market is my favorite weekend activity. I find so much happiness by walking around the market.

7. Missoula has the city feel without the huge city traffic.

It is perfect.

8. it is said to be too perfect to be a real place.

There was an article published in the Nevada Scooper last year about Missoula, Montana not being a real place. I can confidently tell you that it is most definitely a real place.

9. The town is surrounded by mountains.

No matter what way a person turns they will see mountains in every direction. Snowbowl is in the North and this is a perfect ski destination close to town. There are also countless hiking destinations.

10. There are three rivers with in close proximity of Missoula.

The Clark Fork River runs right through the middle of down town Missoula. The Bitterroot River also runs the city. The Black Foot River is the third river and it runs along the out skirts of Missoula. All these rivers are great destinations for a summer float trip or a place to cast a rod.

11. Missoula is also very supportive of the arts.

There are pianos in downtown Missoula for anyone else who wants to break out a tune. Local musicians play on the sidewalks during the farmers market. There is also First Friday for ever first Friday of a month to show case local artists. In the photo bellow a local artist drama portraits of people to raise money for a non profit.

12. The granola lifestyle

My friends at college call me a granola, but little do they know that there is a whole place filled with people like me. In Missoula people appreciate local places and nature. Yes, I do take showers and shave my legs, but I do love my Chacos and Patagonia. I love being a granola. It doesn't matter what type of people are wondering the streets of Missoula, they are all genuine.

Missoula will always be home to me.

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